A Hint of Things to Come?

By | November 19, 2004

pdcards1Phantom Dust Soundtrack Skill Cards

The Phantom Dust soundtrack arrived today from Amazon.jp and I was quite surprised to find that inside the CD jewel case contained two Phantom Dust playing cards. What is going on here? I received card number 317 (True Muramasa) and 320 (not sure what this is called in English), as you can see from the photos. Did I get these randomly? Do other jewel cases contain different skill cards?

Coincidentally, just yesterday I was thinking of how perfect Phantom Dust would be as an arcade game in the vain of World Club Champion Football and Quest of D, huge arcade units that require players to buy and collect cards from vending machines and card shops (similar to Magic: The Gathering) which they can use in the game.

pdcards2To add fuel to my theory, the cards also have identical backs, like all collectable card games. Is Microsoft planning a table top version of Phantom Dust? How about a joint project with Sega to distribute a Phantom Dust arcade version? (Phantom Dust director Yukio Futatsugi was once a producer at Sega.)

Phreaker will be receiving the soundtrack in the mail sometime next week. Let’s see what cards come packaged with his CD.

[Update] Phreaker received the same two cards in his copy of the soundtrack. They are not random, bummer.