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By | August 26, 2014

Arsenal Lab’s Skill List

UPDATE [8/26]: The Arsenal Lab (our online Arsenal builder) has been updated. The big feature in this update is the ability to browse arsenals that have been published. The list currently contains: Arsenal Title, Author, Published Date, and schools used in the arsenal. You can filter the list by selecting the Filter Arsenals button, then choosing by number of schools, which schools,  and/or by specific skill. Try the updated Arsenal Lab and please give us your feedback in this thread in our forums. Thanks!

UPDATE [8/4]: The Arsenal Lab has been updated. It contains changes based on the feedback we’ve received so far. Thanks to Kurisu’s work capturing gifs, Oltranzista was also able to add skill animations to the interactive skill list! Selecting a skill now works as a toggle to display the animation and allow you to add the skill to your arsenal. De-select the skill and you will get data for each skill as you scroll through the list. Please note the URL address had a small change and is linked below.

ORIGINAL POST: Oltranzista has been hard at work on an online arsenal builder and I’ve been providing feedback and testing it (the easy part). It’s at a point where we would like to share it with everyone to get your feedback. Right now, you can create and share (publish) arsenals. You can play with the interactive skill list or even build random arsneals. We are looking into clever ways for users to discover your published arsenals, but that part is not yet complete. The builder will eventually get wrapped in the header of the main site, along with the forums, once the final artwork has been completed. In the mean time, please give it a workout, it’s got some great features. See if you can find any bugs and let us know what you think!

Arsenal Lab:
When you see the 30 Aura Particle, select one to replace it with a skill from the interactive skill list.

Forum thread for discussion and feedback:

Please be aware this is in an Alpha testing and feedback phase. Any arsenals you create will likely have to be wiped at some point in the future as new functionality is added.