Arsenal Lab – Build, Share & Browse Arsenals

By | August 26, 2014

Arsenal Lab’s Skill List

Forum member Oltranzista has created an online arsenal builder with an easy to use interactive skill list. Thanks to forum member Kurisu all of the skill animations have been included. You can create, share (publish), and edit your arsenals. In the creator you can play with the interactive skill list, sorting to your heart’s content, or even build random arsenals with your school(s) of choice. We are looking into clever ways for users to discover your published arsenals, but for now you can browse, share links, and search them. The Arsenal Lab can be accessed via link in the top of the right hand sidebar.

Arsenal Lab:
When you see the 30 Aura Particle, select one to replace it with a skill from the interactive skill list!

Forum thread for discussion and feedback: