Carcino | Boss Battle Strategy

CarcinoMission: Carcino Sighted
Location: Panorama
Height: 15m
Length: 60m

Bugs that fly out of its stomach will self-destruct upon impact; therefore, stay out of their way. One should avoid getting mangled in its intermittent reflex attack, but if impossible try to repel this with your Defense skills. Your attacks are not effective when its eyes are shut, so calculate the timing and attack when its eyes are open.

Bullet of Fire, Rock Shot, and Healing Water are your friends for this battle. You need medium ranged shell and/or parabola type Attack skills in your custom arsenal. You must attack Carcnio when his eye is open. I could not find any easy way to dodge the bugs coming out of him. That is why I had 3 Healing Waters (restores 5 health) in my arsenal. You can manually aim Bullet of Fire at them. You can dodge the laser that comes from his tail by hiding behind the stairs. When he is near death and shoots off the Ricochet Laser I was in the left corner close to him and did not get hit, but you could protect yourself with a shelter-type Defense Skill.