Conversations with Yukio Futatsugi: Volume One

By | December 17, 2004

yukio-vol1Over the next few weeks we will be featuring anecdotes from various interviews with Phantom Dust director Yukio Futatsugi. While most of the content of the interviews has already been included in articles for XBN magazine, and XBM magazine in the U.K., there are some interesting quotes that hit the cutting room floor and can be presented here exclusively on this site.

Topic Number One: The Official Xbox Magazine “Easter Egg” Demo Disc

Interestingly enough, Futatsugi had no idea that a Phantom Dust demo was included in the December 2004 Official Xbox Magazine monthly disc until I informed him of it just last week.

He ran his hands through his hair and asked out loud, “Are you serious? You’re not talking about the Japanese demo, are you?”

Needless to say, he wasn’t happy about being left in the cold about this decision. But confusion turned to fascination as he asked what Americans thought of it given the demo is presented entirely in Japanese. I told him that many OXM subscribers were led to this website ( which features an OXM Demo help page that walks players through the playable demo. He seemed relived at the demo’s popularity, but still came off as a bit agitated for the rest of the interview.

More interesting tidbits on the way.