Conversations with Yukio Futatsugi: Volume Two

By | January 21, 2005

yukio-vol2Continuing in our special “Conversations with Y. Futatsugi” feature, this time the Phantom Dust director discusses some of his inspirations when developing the game. While most of the content of the interviews has already been included in articles for XBN magazine, and XBM magazine in the U.K., there are some interesting quotes that hit the cutting room floor and can be presented here exclusively on this site.

Topic Number Two: The MTG Connection

For fans of Phantom Dust, it’s quite obvious that the gameplay stems from popular card games such as Magic: The Gathering. Not surprisingly, Futatsugi was heavily into these table top card games, including Magic. Futatsugi went on to say that he has little time for card games now, and that the direction of Phantom Dust evolved into something very unlike the Magic world.

“MTG is like many card games,” says Futatsugi, “They are set in a Tolkien-inspired fantasy world whereas Phantom Dust is post-modern.”

Asked how the direction of Phantom Dust evolved over time, Futatsugi comments, “We really didn’t want to do a fantasy setting. Instead, we wanted to explore something with psychic powers like you find in Akira and Dragon Ball Z – something that empowers the player.” He adds, “I think we were a little worried about whether a fantasy setting would be popular in America or not.”

Lastly, Futatsugi had this to say about the goals he had for Phantom Dust, “One more goal was to make a game I wanted to play,” Futatsugi laughs. “A game I could play long after development was finished.”

And in this regard, it seems he was successful, as Futatsugi has noted on several occasions that he still logs onto Xbox Live to challenge players. And even though he is knee-deep in his next project, chances are that Futatsugi will be battling online come Phantom Dust’s North American release next month.