Damaged Guard (Refinery) | Boss Battle Strategy

Arsenals and Mission Walkthrough by Jundox

Recommended Arsenals

1 school - Optical2 school - Optical/Nature3 school - Optical/Nature/Ki
2x rapid cannon (optical) - attack2x rapid cannon (optical) - attack2x rapid cannon (optical) - attack
2x vibration blaster (optical) - attack2x vibration blaster (optical) - attack2x vibration blaster (optical) - attack
2x killer satellite (optical) - attack3x level amp (optical) - special3x level amp (optical) - special
1x photon burst (optical) - attack1x level boost (optical) - special1x level boost (optical) - special
3x level amp (optical) - special2x graceful woods (nature) - special2x graceful woods (nature) - special
2x level boost (optical) - special2x fortress of iron (nature) - defense2x fortress of iron (nature) - defense
3x reflect mirror (optical - defense3x heat (nature) - status3x heat (nature) - status
1x stimulate (nature) - status2x meditation (ki) - status

Using the two school specifically (the others will work for this as well): The trick to this mission is patience.. Build your aura with particles and level amps and wait by the stairs at the end of the starting platform for capsules to respawn. Hit the white button so you can see where guard is without having to lock on.

Definitely use the heats and 1 stimulate when you can, overwrite the fortress of iron or 1 of your four weapons if you need the button spot.

If you don’t have at least 10 aura and a weapon: When guard comes running toward your platform, wait in the center for him to start walking up the stairs by the octagon tower…as soon as he gets there, run to the steps by the platform that you were previously waiting by. When he sees you he’ll try to shoot a blue blast that comes at you pretty quickly…As soon as you see blue, run down the stairs or just jump off onto the level below to avoid the hit…He’ll turn around and go back the way he came.

Once you have at least 10 aura and a weapon: Walk straight off of your starting platform towards the pink jet stream… Walk around the side of that and onto the landing overlooking guards capsules. Peak your head out and bait guard into firing. Quickly move behind one of the solid non-destructible pillars as the gates will blow off when a blast comes in…jump back out after his blast hits the metal and fire at him with the vibration blaster or rapid cannon. I prefer the cannon since you can fire a few shots and pretty much guarantee one or more will hit.

When guard comes to attack you in the spot, …he will be looking to hit you with one of those blue blasts again, so you can dodge like before or wait for him to show his face at the top of the steps next to you and blast away.

This mission is pretty easy to begin with, but you can quickly get 1200 credits with a 100+ score using my amped arsenal.

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