First Image of the Phantom Dust Rerelease

By | March 31, 2017

Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, tweeted “Having fun today.” with an image of Phantom Dust (rerelease)! What sort of information can we get from it? The first thing I noticed is the image is 16:9 and 1080p. The original was 4:3, 480i on the original Xbox and 480p on the Xbox 360 in backward compatibility mode. Also, in the lower right you can see that both UPS (updates per second) and FPS are 30. It looks like they are delivering on their promise of the best-looking, best-playing Phantom Dust yet. It shouldn’t be long now before we’re all having fun!

Adam Isgreen, Creative Director at Microsoft, later confirmed it is indeed 16:9 with a solid 30 FPS, something even the original was not able to achieve.