Futatsugi Speaks in February Issue of Famitsu Xbox

By | January 7, 2005

fam-xboxProducer Yukio Futatsugi wrote about the localization process of Phantom Dust in his latest Famitsu Xbox column. Futatsugi explained how his team visited the Microsoft offices in Redmond to do extensive focus group testing with local residents. A problem would be addressed by the group, then quickly remedied by Futatsugi’s team, and then more focus group participants would be called in.

Futatsugi also compared the way Phantom Dust was molded for both Japanese and American audiences to the gameplay in Halo 2, a game he argues fixes a lot of the annoyances Japanese have with first-person shooters.

Also in the issue was a bit of bad news. Phantom Dust failed to make the top ten sales chart for the month of December in Japan, meaning it sold under 300 copies that month.