GenCon INDY 2005′s Battle of the Espers Tournament (page 1)

by AzelEdge

Hello fellow Esper’s!

Axis and Allies Booth

I’ve returned from running the Phantom Dust Tournament at GenCon INDY 2005. If you are looking for a short description of how it went, here goes: The Tournament Ran Fine! Everyone who competed had a blast! We got a lot of people interested in Phantom Dust! All of the competitors won something, but the turnout for the tournament sucked! :(

Ok, I may as well get it out. We ONLY had 6 (yes only six) people compete in the competition! At least it was a good group of guys who competed! Five of them were very experienced players, and our sixth player was a newcomer. He found himself interested after watching the guys warm up.


The Longer Version:

Hecatomb! Ooooh Scary!

GenCon Indy 2005 was a well organized game convention this year. I will admit personally, I didn’t find too many of the new games in the dealer room that compelling, but overall the Con ran very well. Take a look at some of the pictures of the dealer’s room. Wizards of the Coast was heavily promoting their new card game Hecatomb, and their new miniatures game based on the Axis and Allies license.

From a videogame standpoint I only saw a couple of titles. PC gamers are playing or can look forward to DungeonSiege2, Dungeons and Dragons Online, and WarCraft Battlegrounds. On the console side, believe it or not the Hulk game has a lot of promise, and I finally got to play some StarCraft GHOST. Ghost has a lot of potential, it’s been in developmental hell, but I hope Blizzard pulls it off! (We’re talking a 2006 release! Ugh!) Nokia had some promising titles for their N-Gage phone. Rifts based on the Role-playing RPG looks/plays fantastic and they have a cool version of the Settlers of Catan game (very popular board game) coming out.

More Hecatomb

In addition, other game areas of GenCon included this huge Card room where all the Tourneys for Magic the Gathering, Versus, Yu-Gi-Oh and other card games. There was also a huge room for Miniatures and traditional Pencil and Paper RPG competitions. And if that weren’t enough, there were Artist rooms, Anime rooms, Auction rooms, Poker Tournaments, Costume Contests, you name your game/hobby and more than likely it was there!

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 More Photos

The Card Room


Miniatures Damn Bugs!


More Minis


World of Warcraft – NEW CCG with rare cards that will give you items in World of WarCraft Online!


Yes People do get dressed up! Duct Tape Girl is famous at GenCon.

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