GenCon INDY 2005′s Battle of the Espers Tournament (page 2)

by AzelEdge

Of course there was the eArena area of GenCon. This area consisted of a PC Lan of around 20 to 30 computers running games such as World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, CS:Source, etc.. The eArena also had a LAN of 8 Xboxes on 40 inch plasma displays.

When I arrived on Thursday, I was happy to see that our tournament was on the official GenCon Signage!

Yeah Phantom Dust is Official at GenCon!

During the 3 days of the con leading up to the tourney, I’d pass out and post up flyers to promote the event. (Here are the three flyers I had made.)

Well, come Sunday morning the day of the Tournament, I learned that only 6 people had signed up to compete. While this bummed me out, I figured I’d make the best of it. In the end only five of the people who signed up actually showed up for the tournament. However, we did get a sixth player because he was extremely interested in the game and wanted to play it even though he was completely new to it.

As you guys know, I had to bring my own 4 Xboxes to the tournament to ensure that the competitors would be using the 1.20 Skill Update of Phantom Dust and would have access to all Offline skills and at least 1 of each online skill. Thanks to all in the community with providing me the ability to have online skills for the competition! You guys are the best!

Since there were only 6 players, I decided to do Swiss Round-Tourney rules. Basically everyone got to play each other. There were 6 rounds with 4 competitors per round. Each player would play 4 out of the 6 rounds and therefore had to sit out of 2 rounds. Each round would be four players playing 2 matches per round. Winning was determined by the number of wins you had in the overall competition.

Each round would consist of a map I chose and the players picked in order of their arrival. So the first 4 players would compete in round 1 and in round 2, player 1 would sit out while player 5 came in. This continued until 6 rounds where then every player would have played 4 rounds and sat out 2 rounds.

The players of the round would then build their arsenals there on the spot and compete in a 4 way BattleRoyale. After that match the players would then get a chance to change their arsenals again and compete in the second match of that round.

Our Competitors were great guys and all very good and enthusiastic Espers! Their names and gamer tags (so you can look them up!) are:

1. Daniel GT: Swivelstone
2. Alex GT: Goldninja 01
3. Clayton GT: Bad Stitch
4. Omar GT: Pirvan
5. Andrew GT: Doc Holliday X
6. Neal GT: Rexfelis69

um…. What game is this? This is not Halo…

Here’s how the rounds were setup. (And forgive me for not writing down who won what round. I have number of wins recorded but not on which rounds)

Round 1: players 1 2 3 4 on Highway
Round 2: players 2 3 4 5 on Palace
Round 3: players 3 4 5 6 on Palace
Round 4: players 4 5 6 1 on Panorama
Round 5: players 5 6 1 2 on Refinery
Round 6: players 6 1 2 3 on Sein
Round 7 (for Ties): players 3 5 on Palace

The crowd gets larger. Above everyone’s heads are thought bubbles saying “Hey what game is this???”

And here is how the competition went:

1st place: Andrew with 5 wins and the Tiebreaker win against Clayton.
2nd place: Clayton with 5 wins
3rd place: Alex with 2 wins
4th and 5th place tie: Omar and Neal 1 win each
6th place: Daniel no wins but a great player!

Thanks to Majesco Entertainment, we had prizes for all of the competitors! Copies of Psychonauts for Xbox and Advent Rising Tee Shirts were awarded. I also threw in some vidgame skins I had.

One observation and real good thing that did come out of the tournament was EXPOSURE to Phantom Dust! We had a good crowd at one point of about 30 people watching these guys play! It was almost comical at the amount of questions I got about this game. Basically, I got asked a ton of times: “What game is this?”, “Is this game out?”, “Where can I buy this game?”, and “Do you work for Microsoft?” Yes people actually thought I was demonstrating a brand new game. I even got asked if I could somehow get this game distributed for the UK and Australia markets. (Believe me I wish I could for you guys!) Hopefully we’ll be getting some new players out of this! Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures below!

Andrew, our winner – Congratulations!

I want say thank you to Mike from Phantom Dusted, Zach from Majesco and CJ from GenCon for all their help. Also a big thanks to the Phantom Dust community for help with getting online skills and for supporting our favorite game!

Ok who’s gonna run a tourney at GenCon SoCal?????

See you guys online!
-Tim- (AzelEdge)

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