Meet PD Content Creator Konsento

By | May 17, 2017

With the Phantom Dust re-release out now, I couldn’t think of a better time to introduce Konsento! He’s been creating Phantom Dust YouTube content that covers topics ranging from the basics – helping new players get familiar with the game, draft-style matches with a friend, and his newest videos that cover each of the skills that are included in the Multiplayer Starter Pack (free DLC). I caught up with the man to ask him a few questions:

PD: How did you discover Phantom Dust?
Konsento: A friend of mine back in high-school told me about the game (Known as “Howhedowhat” on the OG Box). We were heavy into Yu-Gi-Oh at the time and both loved video games. He told me about the game so I decided to pick it up one day. I grabbed it from the bottom shelf from Wal-Mart and remember being asked “what kinda game is that?” from the sales person. I replied “not really sure but a friend told me to get it”. Glad I did.

PD: What has kept you interested in the game for so many years?
Konsento: The fact that there isn’t a game like it. And when I was a kid, I wasn’t able to play online or really connect with other players. So that means I never played with the new skills introduced in the patch so the re-release really excites me because I’ll finally be able to give those skills a try. Sadly, at one point in time, I had lost my copy of the game. So around 2011-2012, another friend of mine said “don’t you like Phantom Dust? I have a copy if you want it.” So the game found its way back to me.

PD: Do you stream as well as create content for Youtube?
Konsento: Yes. I’m still very new to streaming as well. As of last month, I got a new job so I haven’t been able to throw too much time at streaming but once the game releases and I get a rhythm going, I will definitely stream again.

PD: Can you share any future plans you have for Phantom Dust content on your channel?
Konsento: Sure. I have a lot planned, but actually executing them and getting them on the channel is going to be the hard part. I want to do your expected videos such as deck techs, tutorials and how to play as well as some others like player created skills, and skill spot lights where I go in depth on just one skill.

PD: How about a link dump where people can find you? (twitter, youtube, etc.)
Konsento: I use my YouTube and Facebook the most and like I said, I’ll be back on twitch once the game releases.