More Details on the Reboot’s Rocky Start

By | April 10, 2015

city2Kotaku has published an in-depth article about the development of Phantom Dust for Xbox One, citing anonymous former Darkside Game Studios employees. According to these sources, serious discussions began in early 2014 about redoing Phantom Dust. The game had an early target release of August 2015. As reported in the last Phantom Dust article from Kotaku, it was originally going to be a multiplayer only game, but later was expanded to also include a six hour single player campaign. Darkside developers were surprised to hear Ken Lobb on the Jan 2015 TiC Podcast say it was going to have a 30 hour-long JRPG single player campaign. Their relationship ended the following month. They also revealed there were plans for skill cards for use in a mobile app. The article is fascinating, even if it only tells one side of the story. It’s a shame to hear how the folks at Darkside feel about how things went down. Microsoft, of course, could not comment further and reiterated their previous statements on the issue.

Here’s to hoping the next thing we hear about Phantom Dust is good news!