New Download Content Available

By | November 15, 2004

Erase Shell

That’s right. Beginning today players who log on to Xbox Live will be required to download a new patch for Phantom Dust entitled “Skill Patch 1.10.” Twenty new skills have been added to the pool of rare skills (pictured) you can win on Xbox Live. Changes were also made to some of the existing skills. For complete details head on over to our Skills page.

Here’s the info straight from Microsoft Tokyo:

ITEM: Phantom Dust Downloadable Content Volume One

  • Twenty new skill downloads
  • Skill Balance Tuning
  • Balancing of some Environmental skills
  • A number of Faith skills have been weakened
  • The radius of some thunder skills have been decreased
  • Groups of Defense skills have been tuned, some strengthened
  • Made tweaks to a few defensive skills in preparation for new skill downloads

CAUTION: If you refuse to download the new patch, these balance tweaks will not affect your play. However, downloading of the patch is required for play via Xbox Live, beginning today. Also, players cannot revert back to the original settings once the patch is downloaded.