Massive Phantom Dust Preview Up at 1UP

By | January 28, 2005

1upThis is the big daddy. has just posted my massive four-page, “Spotlight” article on Phantom Dust. The menu includes an in-depth interview with Phantom Dust producer Yukio Futatsugi, brand new screens and video, professional photos of Futatsugi, and tons of new factoids about the game. It’s a must-read article, if I do say so myself.

Conversations with Yukio Futatsugi: Volume Two

By | January 21, 2005

Continuing in our special “Conversations with Y. Futatsugi” feature, this time the Phantom Dust director discusses some of his inspirations when developing the game. While most of the content of the interviews has already been included in articles for XBN magazine, and XBM magazine in the U.K., there are some interesting quotes that hit the cutting room floor and can be presented here exclusively on this site. Topic Number… Read More »

Futatsugi Speaks in February Issue of Famitsu Xbox

By | January 7, 2005

Producer Yukio Futatsugi wrote about the localization process of Phantom Dust in his latest Famitsu Xbox column. Futatsugi explained how his team visited the Microsoft offices in Redmond to do extensive focus group testing with local residents. A problem would be addressed by the group, then quickly remedied by Futatsugi’s team, and then more focus group participants would be called in. Futatsugi also compared the way Phantom Dust was molded… Read More »