Conversations with Yukio Futatsugi: Volume One

By | December 17, 2004

Over the next few weeks we will be featuring anecdotes from various interviews with Phantom Dust director Yukio Futatsugi. While most of the content of the interviews has already been included in articles for XBN magazine, and XBM magazine in the U.K., there are some interesting quotes that hit the cutting room floor and can be presented here exclusively on this site. Topic Number One: The Official Xbox Magazine… Read More »

Phantom Dust Finds North American Publisher

By | December 14, 2004

Majesco announced today that it has secured the rights to publish Phantom Dust in North America on Xbox. The game is scheduled for release in March of next year. Thanks go out to our forum member PhatSaqs for the heads up. “Phantom Dust is one of the great new titles we have scheduled to kick-off our 2005 product lineup,” said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing for Majesco. “Developed by… Read More »

Phantom Dust News in Latest Famitsu Xbox

By | December 6, 2004

The latest issue of Famitsu Xbox has a few interesting tidbits of news regarding Phantom Dust: Good News: Producer Yukio Futatsugi mentioned he would like to do another Xbox Live tournament, this time a team-based one. Good News: The latest issue details all the skill tweaks made with the recent patch (which we’ll add to the Skills section of the page.) A total of thirty-six skills were tuned in patch… Read More »

A Hint of Things to Come?

By | November 19, 2004

Phantom Dust Soundtrack Skill Cards The Phantom Dust soundtrack arrived today from and I was quite surprised to find that inside the CD jewel case contained two Phantom Dust playing cards. What is going on here? I received card number 317 (True Muramasa) and 320 (not sure what this is called in English), as you can see from the photos. Did I get these randomly? Do other jewel cases… Read More »