A New Phantom Dust is Coming to Xbox One

By | June 9, 2014

Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference revealed what we hoped the signs were pointing to, a new Phantom Dust game for the Xbox One. The developer has yet to be announced. The teaser features Freia, sporting a Psycho Blade inspired skill, and an unknown man. The music, Chopin’s Nocturne Op.9 No.1, was instantly recognizable to fans as one of many classical tracks found in the original Phantom Dust. Notable tweets post-reveal: Earnest… Read More »

Phantom Dust Trademark Registered in Europe

By | May 23, 2014

Yesterday Microsoft registered a Phantom Dust trademark in Europe, where the original Phantom Dust was never released. Could this be another sign that Phantom Dust is coming to Xbox One? Hopefully we will find out more in a few weeks at E3! Source: GamingEveryting

Phil Spencer Twitter Activity

By | January 21, 2014

Head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, updated his Twitter profile picture to the Phantom Dust disc. When asked if that meant it was going to be on Xbox One Phil responded, “That’s not how we’ll announce games. I do listen to the XB Community, hopefully 2014 will show some of that.”.

Adam Isgreen Twitter Activity

By | January 14, 2014

We got a tip to check out Adam Isgreen’s, Creative Director at Microsoft, new Twitter background. It’s from one of the promotional pieces for Phantom Dust. He later tweeted, “Like @XboxP3 [Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios] said, we’re exploring the idea, and it’s a game that many of us love.” You can read more or leave a comment in our forums.