We’re Back

By | December 15, 2013

With the recent news that Phantom Dust creator Yukio Futatsugi and Microsoft Studios’ Phil Spencer have talked of a possible sequel or reboot to our favorite game, we couldn’t stay away! Don’t mind the cobwebs, the site is 10 years old and we’re working on updating it (it’s updated, yay!). Head to the forums where there’s a fresh coat of paint and say “Hi” to old friends and discuss the… Read More »

Yukio Futatsugi Interview at 1Up

By | September 12, 2007

1up1Up’s Phantom Dust Retrospective with Yukio Futatsugi has been published. Go check it out!

Yukio Futatsugi Speaks – The father of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust returns to development.

Phantom Dust (Life after Pazer Dragoon) – When Yukio Futatsugi ended up at Microsoft Game Studios, and before he left active game development in order to manage the department, he cooked up a little corker named Phantom Dust, which he deliberately named using the letters P and D in order to keep the spirit of Panzer Dragoon burning. Phantom Dust, one of the most critically acclaimed, unplayed Xbox games to come out of Japan. Futatsugi discusses yet another missed opportunity.

Yukio Futatsugi Leaving MGS to work on Phantom Dust Sequel?

By | June 16, 2007

1upFellow Esper, edgar_shinoyoshi, heard James Mielke in the 6/15/07 “1Up Yours” podcast mention that he had a five and a half hour interview recently with Phantom Dust’s creator. Sixty three minutes into the podcast it is revealed that Futatsugi-san will be leaving Microsoft Games Studios and would like to make a sequel to Phantom Dust. Because Microsoft owns the intellectual property rights to Phantom Dust Yukio Futatsugi is “talking with them about licensing it.” 1Up will have a huge feature in August with more details. Stay Tuned!!

Phantom Dust on Xbox 360!

By | April 19, 2007

While it may not be a new Phantom Dust game, our beloved Xbox game is now backward compatible on the Xbox 360! I want to thank all of the Phantom Dust fans for their continued pestering of the emulation ninjas at Microsoft. Of course, huge thanks to the Microsoft backward compatibility team! Your Xbox 360 will auto-update over Xbox Live when you pop Phantom Dust in. Once you’ve got the… Read More »

Phantom Dusted’s Yukio Futatsugi Interview

By | December 29, 2006

It has been nearly two years since the release of Phantom Dust in North America and the man behind the game, Yukio Futatsugi, has agreed to take some questions from the folks here at Phantom Dusted! (Translation by Ryan Payton) PD: Futatsugi-san, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I know that a lot of work went into making sure Phantom Dust appealed to… Read More »