Peccato | Boss Battle Strategy

PeccatoMission: Peccato Sighted
Location: Highway
Height: 10m
Length: 18m

The Peccato protects its body with a barrier, with rod-like tentacles that shoot particles from a long distance. Attacking it randomly is useless; it will counter with Paralyze each time it is attacked. Defeating it requires using a combination of effective skills and correct timing. At the right moment, use your Defense then Attack skills. Attack it after the barrier has been destroyed, and then focus on the two core targets.

The only real trick here is knowing that you can target Peccato in three locations. Two side targets and one target on the top. You can destroy his defensive shield with a strong attack like Psycho Spear. Use your Blaster to hit the side targets, you should take them down first. Afterward focus on the top using Bombs. Be sure to stand behind the cement barriers when he fires. You can dodge the multi laser by running along the overpass.

  • Don’t bother with defensive (blue) skills. Pick them up and overwrite or expend them immediately.
  • Keep “Levitate” handy. It’s useful to avoid rain attacks and the spread attack at the end.
  • It isn’t necessary to use “Heat”, but two applications will give you a nice attack buffer without severely slowing aura regeneration.
  • Use “Psycho Spear” to disable the shields on the head (top) and the eyes (side). Although you can target either eye, they share life points. Make sure both shields are disabled before you kill the eyes.
  • Use whatever means to get the eyes down to 1-3 life points. As long as the head doesn’t take damage then Peccato won’t be aggressive.
  • Kill the eyes then immediately start attacking the head. Peccato will actively attack you now. I recommend you have at least one “Psycho Spear” and “Bullet of Fire”. If you used “Heat” two or more times then two shots of “Psycho Spear” will kill Peccato.