Phantom Dust A Through Z

By | March 5, 2005

pd-a-zThink you know everything there is to know about Phantom Dust? Test your knowledge with our exclusive mini-feature, “Phantom Dust A through Z,” where we breakdown some of the hottest and most interesting factoids about the game. And be sure to head over to our skills page and study up on the game’s 300+ skills before its release next week!

Aziel – An angel from Hell and what Aura (as in Aura Particles) are called in the Japanese version.
Blog – Game director Yukio Futatsugi will maintain a weekly web log at until late April.
Credits – The in-game currency. Known as “tips” in the Japanese version.
Downloadable Content – Currently forty new skills are available when playing over Xbox Live.
Eight Players – The originally intended number of players for Xbox Live play, later reduced to four.
Fire of Gehenna – Skill #256. Gehenna is a Greek word for Hell or “abode of condemned souls.”
Gungnir – The name of Odin’s spear, from Norse mythology. Known to never miss its mark.
Half Japanese – Lead character Edgar was born of a Japanese mother and American father.
Io – One of thirteen names you can assign to the hero. Others include Gin, Duke, Ice, Air, and Key.
Japanese Phantom Dust – “Boss effects” are one thing that has been edited for the U.S. version.
Korea – As well as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan got the game first on September 23, 2004.
Left Out – Hackers found an unfinished stage called “Edgar’s Dream” by scouring the game’s disc.
Magic The Gathering – And other table-top card games inspired Phantom Dust’s gameplay.
Necronomicon – Skill number 287. The name stems from H.P. Lovecraft’s fictional book of magic.
OXM Demo – Futatsugi wasn’t aware that his game was included in an OXM Demo Disc!
Panzer Dragoon Series – Is among the director’s developmental credits, as well as Ring of Red.
Quote from Futatsugi – “For my next game I would like to build off of the Phantom Dust engine.”
Reshuffle – Hit the Back button on the controller to reshuffle your arsenal before the match begins.
Skills – 340 are available in the game. Forty of which can only be found on Xbox Live.
Twilight Lane – This picturesque stage is set in Yokosuka, Japan, childhood home of Edgar.
Unison – One of a handful of ambiguous skills in the game. Check our skills page to get the scoop.
Vincent Gallo – His tune “Yes I’m Lonely” can be found on the game’s official soundtrack.
White Button – Press this during a match to see players’ names without locking on to them.
Xbox CPU – Couldn’t handle shadows of children running about Twilight Lane as initially planned.
Yukio Futatsugi – Director of Phantom Dust, now knee-deep in an unannounced Xbox 2 project.
Zero Skills – Get careless and draw everything from your arsenal will lead to a slow, painful death.