Phantom Dust is Coming Soon

By | February 19, 2017

While we don’t have an official release date yet, it’s evident the rerelease of Phantom Dust for Xbox One and Windows 10 is getting close. Phil Spencer replied to a couple questions via Twitter to say that the game should be out before E3, the MS briefing is June 11th. Shannon Loftis, GM at Microsoft Studios Publishing, appeared on the most recent episode of This Week On Xbox to discuss Phantom Dust and Voodoo Vince (starts at 11:11). The show was accompanied by a message from Phil Spencer and in it he says,

“I’m also excited about the return of two original Xbox classics coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 this spring – Phantom Dust and Voodoo Vince. Fans of the original Xbox game Phantom Dust can look forward to the re-release of the original classic with Xbox Play Anywhere support and cross-play, as well as improvements to game balance and frame rate.”

Adam Isgreen, Creative Director at Microsoft, has also been tweeting about Phantom Dust recently. He asked players of the original Phantom Dust for feedback regarding balance of the skills in the 1.20 skill update. He also let us know that the game, for the first time, has achievements. 45 of them worth 415 Gamerscore as well as one hidden achievement. Most recently, when someone asked him about the release date he replied he had been play testing cross-play.