Phantom Dust Demake

By | August 24, 2014

A “demake” is the art of taking a beloved game and rolling it back, to see what it might have been like on much earlier hardware. Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to play Phantom Dust’s Palace stage, spit-screen, on a SNES? Well, you’re in luck because Alastair Low’s (@Wallmasterr) entry into Blender’s Game Making Challenge 13 (BGMC 13) is “Phantom Demake”.


Phantom Demake


The Challenge

BGCM 13’s challenge was to make a complete game, using the Blender Game Engine, start to finish, in a week. The theme revolved around hardware limitations and resource allocation for one of the first consoles capable of 3D: the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. You can read more about the challenge on their forums here.

Low was inspired by mockups created seven years ago by “Judas” in another challenge for WayOfThePixel’s Mockup Frenzy #3: Game Boy De-Makes. Here their forum members were creating images of their favorite games with the restrictions of the Game Boy. You can check out that thread here and the amazing mockups for a Phantom Dust Game Boy below.

Phantom Demake BGMC 13 Entry

Phantom Demake Game Screen

Phantom Demake Game Screen

Wallmasterr created two threads about Phantom Demake on the Blender Artists forums:

BGMC 13 Development Thread and his BGMC 13 Entry Thread.

His Blender project file (.zip), which includes “PhantomDemakeFinal.exe” (a stand-alone, compiled, and ready to run version for Windows) can be found on his Google Drive, download here. If you’re using another platform you can download Blender for free and run Phantom Demake from the project file.

He noted in the README.TXT the that he didn’t have time to get any skills in other than Bullet of Fire and that it currently has no wall collision.


Player 1: WASD, “Z” to toggle targeting, “X” to shoot when you have Aura

Player 2: IJKL, “M” to toggle targeting, “,” to shoot when you have Aura

Objective: Kill the other player before they kill you

With the limited time he had he did a great job, especially with recreating the Palace stage. There is no audio unfortunately. We wish him luck in the competition! It sounds as if he will be continuing the project even after the deadline for the challenge. We’ll keep you posted on its updates.