Phantom Dust Game Rules

by Quadrasonic

Here is a breakdown of the various rules you can tailor your matches with. Not every game type offers all of the rule variations. And you cannot join or host a game which requires a specifically built arsenal when you have none which comply with those stipulations. Only a small number of the game rules make for official matches, and only official matches count toward your win total and rating.


With the three game types, this set of rules (or lack of them) is the most commonly used. Everyone starts with 20 life and can use any of the arsenals they have built for themselves. Any games you play under these rules will count toward both your rating and wins total thus getting you closer to acquiring those juicy ultra-rares.


A match with this rule in effect is played in precisely the same manner as a Standard Battle, but whichever player wins walks away with a random skill from the loser’s arsenal. Because the loser actually loses the skill to the victor, the arsenal he was using is altered and an extra aura particle will fill the slot vacated in his arsenal. Thus playing an ante match is a risky affair, and doing so with an arsenal full of ultra-rares might not be among you’re your most brilliant ideas. Just as in a Standard Battle, your rating is affected by the outcome.


When playing a game with this rule, players do not choose from one of their own arsenals but instead are assigned one of eight pre-built arsenals. This can be a great way to find out what you are truly made of as you cannot plan out your method of attack ahead of time. It can also serve to get you acquainted with a wider range of skills without requiring the effort to put together alternate arsenals for just that purpose. It is also the ideal way for brand new players to get acquainted with battling online because it somewhat levels the playing field for the fact that they will not have had the chance to build themselves a super-powered arsenal yet. Quick matches are also counted officially.


This rule tends to keep games rather quick as each player has a level cap of 5 and a life cap of only 10. Any skills which require more than 5 aura to cast are unusable and any aura capsules you capture after your fifth will evaporate as you try to equip them. Try using a 3-school arsenal of one use only skills and limiting your aura to maybe 8-10 capsules. One which uses no aura at all and a mess of zero cost skills can also be quite effective. Games using this rule are not official matches though and sadly will not affect your win count or rating.


Players in a Heavy match all start with 40 life and a level of 5. They cannot be reduced to a level lower than 5 at any point in the match. Unless they are particularly harsh, such as Finisher, one use only skills may not be your best bet here. Go with some giant attacks that require you to be at a particularly high level in order to use them such as Vibration Blaster. Games of this variety are not counted officially.


This rule makes for an interesting match. The game starts with a random environmental effect in play, and minute later that effect is replaced with another one. As each minute goes by, a new effect replaces an older one. You can use an erase skill to pop whatever effect is currently in play, but you will never have the opportunity to replace it with one of your own, for a new one appears the moment the older one is canceled. With an unlimited use environment erase skill, you can burn through them until you come across one you like and hopefully one which your opponent does not like, but it may hardly be worth the effort. Though an entertaining diversion, Special Environment matches are not official.


Just as the name suggests, players will only be allowed to use arsenals which contain skills from one school and only one school. The school of Nature is perhaps the most balanced when used on its own, but in truth, each school has its merits. Single School battles are unofficial.


This rule keeps players from using an arsenal with more than one copy of any one skill in it. They can use as many aura particles as they wish though. Other than for this stipulation, the match is played precisely like a Standard Battle. You will likely need a 3-school arsenal to be effective in a Highlander match. Games with this rule are not counted officially.


Players will not be able to use an arsenal which contains any skills which cost more than 3 aura. X cost skills are also prohibited. However no level cap exists, so what’s to stop you from reaching level twenty-something and cutting loose with the Rapid Cannon? Fun, but unofficial.


With this rule players are prohibited from using an arsenal containing any skills which cost less than 3 aura. Again, X cost skills are also disallowed, and again, this rule keeps the game from being counted officially.


Matches under this rule are extremely fast paced, and in some ways are more reminiscent of Halo games than those of Phantom Dust. Each player starts with only five life and cannot heal themselves above this cap. The game lasts only 3 minutes, but when you are knocked out, you will simply respawn at five life again with the same skills in your hand that you died with. Victory is awarded to the player who has KO’d the most opponents within the time limit. Attack skills which are only usable at seven or less life are very, very effective. This rule, however, does not make for an official match.


Another interesting switch up from the rules for Standard Battles, these matches set up to three players facing off against the player hosting the match. This is a variation listed under Tag Team, and all normal Tag Team plays are effective such as being able to revive KO’d team mates. The catch here is that the host starts the match with 40 life, and the members of the other team each have a life cap of 10. These matches can be quite fun, but sadly they also are not counted officially.