Phantom Dust Mission List & Talk To Guide

by Porphyria Plan

This is a guide list of all the people you have to talk to in the single player portion of the game. Multiple mission may become available at the same time. If you follow this you wont have to run around for 10 minutes each time to find the next mission.

Misson Order From Mission Name Talk to (character) first
Chapter 1
1 Tetsuya To The Surface
2 Tetsuya Watchful Eye
3 Tetsuya Qualification Screening
4 Tetsuya Counter Attack
5 Tetsuya Fire of Gehenna
6 Tetsuya Close-Proximity Battles
7 Chunky Patrol Cooperation
8 pH Defeat By One
9 Cuff Button Rescue a Scout
10 Tetsuya Qualification Exams
Chapter 2
11 Edgar Collecting Battle Data Ubiquitus
12 Ubiquitus Float
13 Ubiquitus Status Skills
14 Tetsuya Continue: Status Skills
15 Tetsuya New Skill Research
16 Tetsuya Defense is the Key
17 Tetsuya Powers that Erase
18 Tetsuya Registration List
19 Tetsuya Continue: Erase Skills
20 Know Come Hither Strong One
21 Tetsuya Abundance of Memory
Chapter 3
22 Tetsuya Arsenal Ubiquitus then Mac
23 Tetsuya Emergency Signal Chunky
24 Tetsuya Red-Haired Woman
25 Tetsuya Stray Eyes
26 Tetsuya Patrol the Highway
27 Tetsuya Distorted Sky
28 Tetsuya Paralyze
29 pH Delicious Recipe
30 Tetsuya Gaurd
31 Meister Search Team Exam
32 Meister Final Selection
33 Tetsuya Legendary Man
34 Tetsuya The Gyne Sisters
35 Tetsuya Sleep Land Ai Saw
36 Tetsuya Sky Colored Paints
37 Know Education for the Gifted
38 Cuff Button Share Life
39 pH A Warm Dish
40 Tetsuya Edgar's Memory
41 Tetsuya Important Item Location
42 Spokesman Order: Search for Edgar
Chapter 4
43 Tetsuya New Territory
44 Meister Solid Wall
45 Tetsuya Compresser
46 pH Red Rose of Passion
47 Tetsuya Message in a Bottle
48 Tetsuya Scraps of Memory
49 Tetsuya The Gyne Sisters Return
50 Tetsuya To Those That Pass
51 Tetsuya Massacre in the Dark
52 Know Wish Obstructed
53 Know Unusual Moves
54 Chunky Secret Buisness
55 Chunky Nig Claustro Fall
56 Tetsuya Red Head
57 Tetsuya Ghost Sightings
58 Chunky Secret Cargo Route
59 Mikan Medication
60 Chunky May Day
61 Chunky Mac's Arsenal
62 Kajikawa Find the Refinery
63 Tetsuya Pursuit of Edgar
Chapter 5
64 Meister Doubt
65 Tetsuya Crystallization
66 Tetsuya Judge of Anubis
67 Tetsuya Young Writer
68 Tetsuya Single Death Shot
69 Mikan Place of Death
70 Tetsuya Secret Meeting
71 Tetsuya Melee Palace
72 Tetsuya Patrol Panorama
73 Tetsuya Internal Peace
74 Tetsuya Old Battlefield
75 Tetsuya A Crime Beyond Man
76 Tetsuya Wall of Limit
77 Tsubutaki A Question of Destiny
78 Raindeer Angel in White
79 Tetsuya Rescue Friends
Chapter 6
80 Tetsuya Invisible Trap
81 Tetsuya Mikan and the Red Head
82 Tetsuya Caution: Do Not Overuse
83 pH Forgot to get name
84 Tetsuya An Ommato Attack
85 Tetsuya A Secret Thought
86 Tetsuya Desire to Meet
87 JD Environmental: Finalized
88 Tetsuya Book Ban
89 Tetsuya Concerns of the Elite
90 Tetsuya Omen of Change
91 Tetsuya Gaze of Interest
92 Tetsuya Overflowing Tab
93 Tsubutaki To the Memory City
Chapter 7
94 Tetsuya Price of Admition
95 Tetsuya A Single Mistake
96 Tetsuya Skill Controversy
97 Tetsuya Wrtier Again
98 Tetsuya The Reeducation of Know
99 Tetsuya Crawling Past
100 Tetsuya Reocurring Nightmare
101 Tetsuya Gaze Phobia
102 Tetsuya 8$3#%o~De
103 Tetsuya Vibration Blaster
104 Tsubutaki Lane
105 Arthur And Now to the Future
106 Tetsuya Elite Disappearence
107 Tetsuya An Odd Friendship
108 Tetsuya Solitary Battle
109 Tsubutaki Survivor
110 Cuff Button Confidential: Cuff Button
111 Meister Sein
112 JD Breaking with the Past
113 Sammah Angry Counter Attack
114* Simulator Recipe For Recovery

* Missed this mission, most likely from Mikan. You can still get it in the Simulator though.