Phantom Dust Mission List & Talk To Guide

by Porphyria Plan

This guide lists of all the people you have to talk to in the single player portion of the game. Multiple mission may become available at the same time. If you follow this you wont have to run around and talk to each NPC to find your next mission.

Misson OrderFromMission NameTalk to (character) first
Chapter 1
1TetsuyaTo The Surface
2TetsuyaWatchful Eye
3TetsuyaQualification Screening
4TetsuyaCounter Attack
5TetsuyaFire of Gehenna
6TetsuyaClose-Proximity Battles
7ChunkyPatrol Cooperation
8pHDefeat By One
9Cuff ButtonRescue a Scout
10TetsuyaQualification Exams
Chapter 2
11EdgarCollecting Battle DataUbiquitus
13UbiquitusStatus Skills
14TetsuyaContinue: Status Skills
15TetsuyaNew Skill Research
16TetsuyaDefense is the Key
17TetsuyaPowers that Erase
18TetsuyaRegistration List
19TetsuyaContinue: Erase Skills
20KnowCome Hither Strong One
21MikanRecipe For Recovery
22TetsuyaAbundance of Memory
Chapter 3
23TetsuyaArsenalUbiquitus then Mac
24TetsuyaEmergency SignalChunky
25TetsuyaRed-Haired Woman
26TetsuyaStray Eyes
27TetsuyaPatrol the Highway
28TetsuyaDistorted Sky
30pHDelicious Recipe
32MeisterSearch Team Exam
33MeisterFinal Selection
34TetsuyaLegendary Man
35TetsuyaThe Gyne Sisters
36TetsuyaSleep Land Ai Saw
37TetsuyaSky Colored Paints
37KnowEducation for the Gifted
38Cuff ButtonShare Life
40pHA Warm Dish
41TetsuyaEdgar's Memory
42TetsuyaImportant Item Location
43SpokesmanOrder: Search for Edgar
Chapter 4
44TetsuyaNew Territory
45MeisterSolid Wall
47pHRed Rose of Passion
48TetsuyaMessage in a Bottle
49TetsuyaScraps of Memory
50TetsuyaThe Gyne Sisters Return
51TetsuyaTo Those That Pass
52TetsuyaMassacre in the Dark
53KnowWish Obstructed
54KnowUnusual Moves
55ChunkySecret Buisness
56ChunkyNig Claustro Fall
57TetsuyaRed Head
58TetsuyaGhost Sightings
59ChunkySecret Cargo Route
61TetsuyaMay Day
62TetsuyaMac's Arsenal
63KajikawaFind the Refinery
64TetsuyaPursuit of Edgar
Chapter 5
67TetsuyaJudge of Anubis
68TetsuyaYoung Writer
69TetsuyaSingle Death Shot
70MikanPlace of Death
71TetsuyaSecret Meeting
72TetsuyaMelee Palace
73TetsuyaPatrol Panorama
74TetsuyaInternal Peace
75TetsuyaOld Battlefield
76TetsuyaA Crime Beyond Man
77TetsuyaWall of Limit
78TsubutakiA Question of Destiny
79RaindeerAngel in White
80TetsuyaRescue Friends
Chapter 6
81TetsuyaInvisible Trap
82TetsuyaMikan and the Red Head
83TetsuyaCaution: Do Not Overuse
84pHForgot to get name
85TetsuyaAn Ommato Attack
86TetsuyaA Secret Thought
87TetsuyaDesire to Meet
88JDEnvironmental: Finalized
89TetsuyaBook Ban
90TetsuyaConcerns of the Elite
91TetsuyaOmen of Change
92TetsuyaGaze of Interest
93TetsuyaOverflowing Tab
94TsubutakiTo the Memory City
Chapter 7
95TetsuyaPrice of Admition
96TetsuyaA Single Mistake
97TetsuyaSkill Controversy
98TetsuyaWrtier Again
99TetsuyaThe Reeducation of Know
100TetsuyaCrawling Past
101TetsuyaReocurring Nightmare
102TetsuyaGaze Phobia
104TetsuyaVibration Blaster
106ArthurAnd Now to the Future
107TetsuyaElite Disappearence
108TetsuyaAn Odd Friendship
109TetsuyaSolitary Battle
111Cuff ButtonConfidential: Cuff Button
113JDBreaking with the Past
114SammahAngry Counter Attack