Phantom Dust Multiplayer Avatar Guide

by Grand_Commander13


When selecting your character, you simply press and hold both of the triggers (the ones you use for targeting). The name of the Vision you are hovering over will be replaced with the enemy’s name, while the picture remains the same. Hit A, then choose your color variation. Congratulations; you are now the enemy.


In Phantom Dust’s single player, when you press down on the left thumb stick, your character jumps straight up into the air. In multiplayer, the avatars can do one of three main actions: The jump from single player (Jump), a forward roll (Tumble), or a cartwheel (Cartwheel). Some of the monsters (five to be exact) float and have rather ineffective “jump” moves, but I’ve written down what they do anyway.

Avatar Move Avatar Move
Freia Jump Vestio Tumble
Player Jump Ommato Spin forward in air
Edgar Cartwheel Anthro Tumble
Meister Jump Guard Tumble
Chunky Jump Andro Tumble
Cuff Button Tumble Ceno Dive forward
pH Cartwheel Partheno Tumble
Know Jump Catoptro Dashes forward while phasing
Tsubutaki Jump Gyne Jump
JD Tumble Claustro Tumble forward in air while phasing
Sammah Cartwheel Scoto Tumble forward in air while phasing

For your reading pleasure, here is a brief summary of what each move is best at (as observed by myself and others):

Jump: Jump is awesome for maneuvering around the level. You can hop over the rail in Panorama, take a shortcut to the ground in Palace without taking out the railing, get onto the middle portion of the platform on Refinery from the perimeter, and more. However, it is not very good at dodging attacks.

Tumble: Tumble is good at attacking and defending. You can use it to make a final lunge at your target, and I’m rather sure that if you lunge at a fleeing target, you will gain distance when all is said and done. You can also lunge out of the way of a melee attack or an incoming projectile.

Cartwheel: Cartwheel is beautiful for evading melee attacks and ranged attacks alike. It’s not very good for pursuing a target, however. Also, be warned that for a fraction of a second after you finish your cartwheel, you will lose control of your character as he stands there recovering from the cartwheel.

Other: The floating monsters have these. I haven’t tested their effectiveness yet (except for the Ommato’s). However, they do not look effective at dodging at all (the Ommato’s is terrible), and they do not get you over terrain a’la Jump.


image by TopChickenz