Phantom Dust Skill Penalty, Requirements and Effects

Penalty – Self-sacrificing skills with a Penalty will diminish your Health or Level regardless of whether or not the attack hits the target. This is typical for low-Cost skills. These skills are difficult to use effectively.

Requires – A Skill with a requirement means that the player needs to fulfill these requirements in addition to having enough Aura to use them. These requirements may be the amount of Health, Level, or the number of skill capsules left in your arsenal.

Can’t Be Erased or Overwritten – Skills that can’t be consumed are skills that can’t be erased or overwritten. They are very effective because they eliminate the possibility of having that skill erased, but sacrificing the ability to capture other skills to that button can cause a huge disadvantage.

Auto – Skills with automatic features are limited to Defense skills, where they automatically react and take effect based on the opponent’s attacks. If there isn’t enough Aura to cover their Cost the skill will not take effect. These skills are considered beginner skills because they protect against unexpected attacks. On the downside, they are used unintentionally.

Cost Increase – Cost-increasing skills are those skills whose Cost increases by 1 before every use. It is impossible to use such skills infinitely, but it is feasible to use them several times and then dispose of them. Although such skills are listed as infinite-use, in real battle situations they are actually limited to several uses.

Skill Effects

Skill Effect–Add – Not all skills are limited to inflicting damage. Skills with Add will also provide other benefits for the attacker. For instance, the Dhampir Claw skill (of the Faith school) recovers some Health for the attacker when skill hits the opponent.

Skill Effect–Erase – The most common and useful additional effect for a skill is to erase the opponent’s skills, Level, or Aura. Defense skills that erase any Attack skill they block are effective against attack because they are unavoidable.

Skill Effect–Freeze – An additional effect for some skills is Freeze. It invalidates the button presses of the controller of the opponent. For example, the opponent will be able to move but as long as the effects of the skill are active, the opponent will not be able to use any of his or her skills or capture any new skills. Tip: Keep an eye on your opponent’s Health area to see when the Freeze effect wears off.

Skill Effect–Restraint – Immobilizing movement is an additional effect that some skills posses. Paralyze Barrier (of the Optical school) is an example of such a skill. If the target doesn’t have enough Aura to use a Defense skill, he or she will not be able to dodge a Restraint effect.

Skill Effect–Absorb – Successfully using an Absorb attack will increase your Health, Aura, or Level at the expense of that of your opponent. For example, Dhampir Claw (of the Faith school) will take the amount of damage inflicted on the target and will increase your health by that same amount. Before using this skill, if you increase your base attack powers, in one attack you can reverse any Health gap between you and your target. Lastly, if your target is defeated you will only recover the amount of damage incurred by the opponent.

Skill Effect–Poison – Poison is an additional effect that can damage your opponents when they try to use any of their skills. When Poison is in effect, each time the opponent tries to use a skill or capture a new skill they will incur 1 damage to their Health. During this time they can’t effectively proceed with their plan of attack.

Skill Effect–Retain – Even within the set of skills that have additional effects, those with Retain are unique. Regardless of whether the skill is successful or not the effect will occur. Within the Faith school, the skill Reincarnation is a single-use skill, but if you have enough Aura you can use it over and over again. Also, the regeneration of this skill is effective against any Defense skill’s Erase-effect. Tip: If you wish to keep Reincarnation you must have 4 Aura when launching it, 2 for the attack, and 2 to Retain the skill.

Skill Effect–Pierce – In a normal attack and defense situation, when STR > DEF no damage will be incurred to the target, but when a skill has a Pierce effect the difference between the two numbers becomes the damage incurred. For example, when an attack without Piece is used, if the attack has a STR of 8 and the Defense skill has a DEF of 2, then the Defense skill will be destroyed but no damage is incurred. When an attack has a Piece effect, the difference between the attack and the defense (6) is incurred by the target.

Skill Effect–Capture – There are skills with Auto-Capture effects. This is a unique effect , regardless of the success or failure of the skill hitting the target the effect takes place. This effect causes you to capture a skill from your arsenal.

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