Phantom Dust to Return in 2017

By | June 14, 2016

Phantom DustMicrosoft’s Shannon Loftis announced that Phantom Dust will be returning in 2017 to Xbox One and Windows 10! In an interview with Geoff Keighley she said, “This is actually the original brought into the modern era. We are using the original assets from the Phantom Dust that was release by Microsoft Japan in 2003. We are updating some key parts of it, we are updating it with modern Xbox Live.” She went on to say that some draft “ready” decks (arsenals) will be available from the start so that you can engage in multiplayer right away.

New Features for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC:
• Xbox Live Arena support integrated
• Play on Windows 10 PC or Xbox One seamlessly with cross-saves, retaining all of your progress and in-game items between both platforms.
• Cross-device play lets you play against friends regardless of platform.
• Full Xbox Live feature set of the original game, including downloading top player’s arsenals to practice against them – a feature not available since the original’s release!
• Looking for Group on Xbox Live so you can find and connect with other gamers more easily than ever.
• Multiplayer starter arsenals are included. Jump right into multiplayer with a better selection of skills!
• The Multiplayer skill shop is no longer tied to solo player progression. All skills are available for purchase immediately for multiplayer use.
• Improvements to game balance and frame rate

Adam Isgreen posted:

We’re working on some improvements beyond what’s been called out, but because we’re very sensitive to maintaining the balance and feel of the game, we’ll see how they turn out before we promise them. Worst case, you get perfect PD at solid frame rate. Best case… it’s going to be better than that.

You can check out the interview and announcement below: