Quick Battle Arsenal Builds

By | May 18, 2017

Phantom Dust’s Quick Battle is a game mode where players are randomly assigned one of eight pre-built arsenals. It can serve as a great way to get acquainted with a wide range of skills without requiring the effort of putting together your own custom arsenal. It is also an ideal way for new players to get familiar with battling online because it levels the playing field somewhat. Your adversaries will not be able to use their super-powered custom arsenal against you. Quick matches are also official and ranked.

With the re-release of Phantom Dust the Quick Battle arsenal builds are all new, thanks to forum member Collected Dust (SandalEnc) with feedback from community members Bondmonger (Nathan0), Goatrix, Bregan123, Maallik, and of course Adam Isgreen.

The build for each arsenal can be found on our new Quick Battle Arsenals guide page.