Quick Battle Arsenals

Phantom Dust’s Quick Battle is a game mode where players are randomly assigned one of eight pre-built arsenals. It can serve as a great way to get acquainted with a wide range of skills without requiring the effort of putting together your own custom arsenal. It is also an ideal way for new players to get familiar with battling online because it levels the playing field somewhat. Your adversaries will not be able to use their super-powered custom arsenal against you. Quick matches are also official and ranked.

With the re-release of Phantom Dust the Quick Battle arsenal builds are all new, thanks to forum member Collected Dust (SandalEnc) with feedback from community members Bondmonger (Nathan0), Goatrix, Bregan123, Maallik, and of course Adam Isgreen.

Here are the builds with a description of each. Click the arsenal image to bring it up in our Arsenal Builder if you would like to further inspect the details for each skill.

Fair Balance (Nature/Faith)

This arsenal features a mixture of defenses providing erase and freezing options.  It has a good mix of ranged attacks that home well.  Trance and Heat can boost your strength to a combined +3 attack power.  Your Fire of Gehenna can do up to 9 damage, breaking any shield that blocks it.  Venom Fang and Reincarnation can challenge a cartwheeler’s dodging abilities.  Return to Nature can get rid of a troubling environmental or stat buff on your opponents.  If your opponent has lowered your level you can pay them back with Vicious Balance.  It has a pretty balanced design.  Try freezing an opponent to guarantee your Thieving Imp will steal one of their capsules!

Opti (Optical/Ki)

The skills in this arsenal can pack a heavy punch with Tiger’s Strength.  Each laser from Triple Lasers and Ricochet Laser are given +2 attack with it, allowing you to break higher defense shields.  Optimization lets you repeatedly use attacks to overwhelm opponents.  Photon Burst becomes a low cost powerhouse with Optimization out.  The arsenal features a Learning and a Relearn letting you potentially get up to 2 skills not even in your arsenal.(from a teammate or opponent)  If Optimization is gone, try using Recollection after you’ve used Photon Burst.  It’s a nasty surprise for any opponent who thinks your level is too low to use another Photon Burst.

Accuracy (Psycho/Faith)

Takes advantage of the homing boosting skill Acquisition.  If you boost your homing by +2 the featured Fall attacks named Meteor, Thor’s Hammer, and Demon’s Venom become impossible for jumpers to dodge and forces cartwheelers to use their evasive maneuver.  Get yourself to +4 homing to really test your opponents dodging abilities with Demon’s Fire and Reincarnation.  This arsenal also includes Trance and the Environmental Lunar Force to raise your attack power up to +3.  Try taking to the sky with Levitate and fire attacks down at your opponent, it can get past barrier shields.  Thieving Imp lets you to steal one of your opponent’s skills.  Perhaps they will benefit from your higher accuracy.

Vibration Power (Nature/Optical)

This arsenal features the powerful skills known as Vibration Blaster and Vibration Laser.  Repeated shots of Vibration Laser can be difficult to deal with.  Use Stimulate and Heat to make these skills even more powerful.  You could even double a use of one with Relearn.(beware of Armaros though)  Gungnir can become difficult for opponents to deal with when you have increased strength as you can use it for 0 aura.  Photon Wave can shake opponent’s off you.  Also try turning off your lock on ability and try to aim Vibration Laser up close.  This long range move can even be threatening in close range with practice.

The Eraser (Faith/Ki)

You can destroy your opponent’s shields with Dragon Slayer and follow right up with another skill.  When Lack Erases skills, your Heat from Void’s damage will increase.  The Erase projectiles in this arsenal can reach even long distance ranges with very high accuracy.  Diabolical Trick lets you erase opponents’ and their capsules to death.  Try walking up to a capsule to erase it and instead use Crawlers on an opponent close to you.  Since it has a similar animation to Diabolical Trick, they may drop their guard and let your Crawlers hit them. There is a Learning in the arsenal allowing you to copy another player’s strategy.  Maybe you can erase their move after Learning it.

Battle Memory (Psycho/Nature)

This arsenal has a lot of attacks including power house single use moves to break shields.  Using up attacks also powers up your Memory of Battle attack skill.  Each time an attack skill leaves your hand, Memory of Battle’s total power increases.  Try to use the low cost Lightning Bolts on opponents with a shield.  If it hits opponents with shields, they will go into a stun state allowing you to follow up with another move quickly.  Turbulence will handle opponents’ special moves that trouble you like Dash.  You can use Dazzle to stun particularly evasive opponents and then follow up with another attack.

Miner Shatter (Psycho/Nature)

This arsenal features land mines and can be an in your face arsenal against your opponent.  Speed Up lets you get around ranged moves more quickly allowing you to pursue at close range.  The skill capsule eraser Shatter is in this arsenal.  You can lay down land mines around an opponent’s capsules to trip them up.  A lot of moves in here will freeze or knock your opponent down giving you chances to erase your opponents’ capsules quickly.  Entangle and Tree of Fang can be used as a mind game against opponent’s your erasing the capsules of.  They have a similar animation and if your opponent thinks you’re only erasing a capsule, they can drop their guard and get caught by surprise from these moves.  Use your landmines to block off your opponent’s from areas.  If your opponent is trying to set off the mines you placed, try to shoot something at them to catch them off guard.

Odd One (Optical/Faith)

Take advantage of your opportunities with this arsenal to really harm an opponent and swing the match in your favor.  Paralyze Barrier can be used to lock an opponent into a high pressure place for game changing opportunities with moves like a nasty Muramasa Blade, Killer Satellite, Disintegrate, or Fusion.  Demon’s Wing can make you invisible and let you catch an opponent off guard.  Relearn lets you use powerful singles use moves one more time.  Relearn Muramasa Blade for a quick 20 damage.  Thieving Imp is available to steal your opponent’s skill strategy.  You can even Relearn Thieving Imp to steal a second one of your opponents’ skills!