SEIN (RUINS) | Boss Battle Strategy

“And Now To The Future”

Mission Walkthrough by Jundox

The final boss mission is a 3.5 level stage. Even with a finely tuned arsenal, this can be a long and painful mission. As a result, I developed three arsenals specifically for this mission.

Recommended Arsenals:

1 school - Optical2 school - Optical/Nature3 school - Optical/Nature/Ki
2x rapid cannon (optical) - attack2x rapid cannon (optical) - attack2x rapid cannon (optical) - attack
2x vibration blaster (optical) - attack2x vibration blaster (optical) - attack2x vibration blaster (optical) - attack
2x killer satellite (optical) - attack3x level amp (optical) - special3x level amp (optical) - special
1x photon burst (optical) - attack1x level boost (optical) - special1x level boost (optical) - special
3x level amp (optical) - special2x graceful woods (nature) - special2x graceful woods (nature) - special
2x level boost (optical) - special2x fortress of iron (nature) - defense2x fortress of iron (nature) - defense
3x reflect mirror (optical) - defense3x heat (nature) - status3x heat (nature) - status
1x stimulate (nature) - status2x meditation (ki) - status


Note: The walkthrough tips are designed for the two school arsenal above… The 1 and 3 school arsenals still function similarly, and can easily be substituted for the 2 school if you prefer. All have proven effective, but the two school has been established as the most powerful of the three.

First Stage: Alpha Stay at your capsule spawn point and pump up with heat and amps until you get to level 10+. In the mean time, you can hide behind the pillars if alpha shoots you, or dodge/run if he tries a short attack. Use rapid cannon to chip away at him from a distance while you are waiting for vibration blaster or level 10 +. If you didn’t kill him with the rapid cannon he’ll be toast with
the blaster. Try to grab and hold onto a guilded woods for stage 1.5.

Stage 1.5: By this point you should be over level 10, have a vibration blaster, a guilded woods, a rapid cannon, and a fortress of iron.

Freia: Jump in the pink dust to the right of your start point and fly towards Freia’s capsules. Lock onto her and fire away with the vibration blaster. If she casts optimization let it stay there as that helps you a lot more than her.

Edgar: After you down Freia, go straight towards Edgar. Follow him around if need be but keep your distance, since his reflect wall will send a vibration blast right back at you. Again he’ll be no match for a constant flow of vibration blasts, but cast guilded woods if your aura gets to low.

Stage 2: Demented Freia
If you don’t have any aura particles when you are about to start, hit the back button and hope for that or a fortress of iron. All three of her parts are only vulnerable when they are about to attack.

Bottom: Run! You should get about 4-5 capsules before the bottom shoots a blue bubble at you. If you don’t have fortress of iron yet, don’t worry since Demented Freia’s end only takes off 2 points of health from you. Keep running, pass on picking up rapid cannon here, and wait on the vibration blaster. With the amps and heat you’ll be at level 10 in no time and your blaster will do 8-9 damage per shot. Once you have level 10+ and the blaster, wait for one of Freia’s parts to stop and lock on to the part about to attack. You can get two shots off at the bottom piece before it fires so that will kill it (fortress of iron stops the blue orb in case you don’t have time to fire the second shot).

Middle: The middle piece of Freia is a cannon, that once the gun is pointing at you, the armor will peel back and pause just before shooting at you. When you see the armor retract, stay locked on but start moving up the ladder before you shoot. As long as you don’t hit the orbs floating around the gun, you should get away without getting touched.

Top: The top end of Freia shoots lasers off of mirrors. Lock onto the Demented Freia and not the mirrors. As soon as it starts to glow red/orange and you can hear it heating up, hit it with one blast and run! You can get two off if need be, but if it wont kill her, don’t bother, or you’ll get hammered with laser beams. Again, in the coarse of fighting the three pieces try to have a vibration blaster, a fortress of iron, & a guilded woods before you finish this stage.

Stage 3: Freia Dragon – As soon as the monster bat thing appears lock on and shoot vibration blasters non stop. When you run out of aura use the guilded woods and repeat blasting. Freia will block a couple of blasts, but since you only need to hit her 3-4 times with your juiced up blaster, you most likely wont lose any health and beat this final boss in a matter of a few seconds.

Closing Comments: I’ve finished this level several times without losing any life with the two school arsenal and with minor life loss with the other two. Any of the three arsenals also work great throughout the game, but as I said, they were developed for the Ruins specifically.

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