The Multiplayer Starter Pack

By | March 4, 2017
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When Phantom Dust was first released on the original Xbox back in 2005 you got your skills and arsenal cases the old fashioned way, you earned them. The skill shop was not accessible until you got to Chapter 3 of the single player game. This initially locked off a big draw to many players, the online battles made of custom built arsenals (deck of skills).

With the rerelease coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 Microsoft has said that the multiplayer skill shop will be unlocked from the game’s start. You’re still going to have to earn some credits by doing missions to buy those skills and additional cases, but you’ll be able to start your collection much earlier this time around. A big boost to the skill collection for players of the rerelease will be a free downloadable Multiplayer Starter Kit.

Update 4/7: The list has been finalized. The Mutiplayer Starter Kit will contain a 2-school arsenal case and the following 33 skills from 3 schools:

Psycho Optical Nature
Psycho Knife Blaster Ice Sword
Rock Shot Laser Bullet of Fire
Bomb Triple Lasers Vacuum Slash
Dazzle Rapid Cannon Twister
Crystal Wall Reflect Mirror Fang of Tree
About Face Paralyze Barrier Healing Water
Psycho Sniper Level Amp Fortress of Iron
Psycho Shell Recall Glacial Wall
Psycho Spear Killer Satellite Entangle
Psycho Wave Gravity Mine Thunder Storm
Psycho Burst Vibration Blaster Flame Sword

Previously: Microsoft is currently working on the contents of this downloadable pack and is looking for input from veterans of the game. Adam Isgreen, Creative Director at Microsoft, posted:

We’re currently putting together the “MP starter kit”, which is a 2-school arsenal case and a collection of skills to get players immediately started in MP and give them a little taste of the different kinds of decks they can build in Phantom Dust. So I ask y’all: what should it contain?

He went on to describe their ideas and players are already responding. Are you a veteran Phantom Dust player? What skills that meet the criteria would you have found helpful when starting out and why? Join the discussion thread in our forums: The MP starter kit – what should it include?