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Postby Bregan123 » July 23rd, 2008, 11:07 pm

update number 2... Nate's off masturbating now, it's 2-2-1 so we're debating over which skip level to play when he gets back.

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Postby Bregan123 » July 23rd, 2008, 11:39 pm

I knew I was destined to lose that damned match...

I'm posting my single schoools I made anyway dammit.

I made a single school Ki irregular rhythym of which I'm proud of pulling off, it only failled cuz the bastard had +6 speed.

Aura Leak
Ki Cannon
Ki Cannon
Ki Palm
Iron Skin
Tiger's Strength
Tiger's Strength
3x Irregular Rhythm

I also made a faith turtle, which I was happy with.

Muramasa Blade
Fire of Gehenna
Venom Fang
Dark Hole
Angel's Wing
Angel's Wing
Shield of Aegis
Flash Hole
Flash HOle
Diabolical Trick
Diabolical Trick

Then I made an arsenal for panorama

Psycho Knife
Psycho Blade
Rail Gun
Sensor Mine
Psycho Shell
Psycho Shell
Psychic Wall
Shield Breaker
Speed Up
Bravery Decision
Bravery Decision

Basically I ran with the idea of- How can I be a dick this round for every arsenal.

In the end good games nate... after some crum luck, horrible draws, and way too many ties, you came out the victor. But I'm still going to root for SmyD or Goatrix to whip your ass. No offense.

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Postby Bondmonger » July 23rd, 2008, 11:53 pm

Good games. I took it in double overtime. Final tally was:

Palace - Bregan runs Ki and hangs Irregular Rhythm, I run a Psycho Speed Up arsenal. I luck out and don't hit Bravery Decision until I'm at 11 Aura (otherwise I would have been toast). End up chasing Bregan around with Excaliburs and Rail Guns. He chips away with Iron Skins and Hyper Kicks, but speed trumps low cost defense when Irregular Rhythm is down and I end up beating him handily.

Panorama - Bregan runs Psycho Bravery, I run generic Faith. I get a catastrophic draw and try to trick Bregan into thinking I'm doing Vicious Balance. He doesn't believe me, and ends the match in about 30 seconds.

City - We both run Faith, short game. I get another bad draw, but we end up getting into a close range beat-fest that ends with him slipping a Will-o'-Wisp past my Angel's Wing.

Refinery - Bregan runs Blazing Nature, I run Psycho again. He debuffs my speed this time, and lays a pretty good beating on me. I end up hanging Confuse Gravity and deking around with Charge, twice nailing him from behind. He never comes up with Turbulence, but we end up at 1 and 2 hps and I decide to stall out for the draw and take my chances in Lane.

Lane - We both run Faith again, but now I'm on my erase arsenal. I snake him early with a Vicious Balance and he ends up stranded at his low-middle base, allowing me to drop down and chip away at him. We both end up low in health, and it turns into an exercise in tactical single-use attacking - Bregan manages to avoid Demon Wing/Gehenna (straight down), Reincarnation/Gehenna (staggered) AND Judge of Anubis/Agonies of Death (staggered, from above and through the wall - wow), but I end up sticking him with a close range, directly-above Swarm of Moths that does a 360 redirect for the win.

Sein - We both run Psycho. Bregan beats the hell out of me and we end up running circles around the tower. Draw.

Highway - Bregan runs Nature, I run Faith erase. I shaft him with two early Vicious Balances, then Thieving Imp a key Flame Sword. In the course of spawn camping him (for the remainder of the game), I end up catching three different blades on Angel's Wing (which still doesn't make up for City) and pummeling him with the Flame Sword I'd stolen. I get concerned about time and start digging for Diabolic Trick, but he leaves Turbulence on deck and waits for it. I guess what he's doing and go back up with Agonies and Reincarnation, which I unload on him rapid fire. Manual-ed Reincarnation beats Fortress of Iron to end the series, 3-2-2 in my favor.

Nathan 0

PS - thank you Collected (or Collected's brother) for the warmups. Definitely wouldn't have won without them.

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Postby Gaignun » July 24th, 2008, 12:13 am

Status updated.


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Postby TH3 W4NG » July 24th, 2008, 12:34 am

Goatrix vs. SmyD

Lets wrap this up

P.S. After the tourney I'm gonna post a topic for anyone who participated to post their tourney arsenal but the winner's arsenal gets an insignificant gold star.

Let me know if you guys care enough to bitch or don't care either way.


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