Get Down On It

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Get Down On It

Postby baodeus » July 21st, 2017, 3:16 pm

Critic my deck Please?

3x dragon slayer
2x pressure
2x snap
2x backdraft bullet
1x rain of rock or gravity press
2x tiger strength
1x Psycho knife
1x pursuits
1x Psycho shell
1x change course

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Postby Collected Dust » July 22nd, 2017, 1:32 am

Well Snap into Backdraft bullet is 5 aura and 2 skills for 3 damage. Snap doesn't exactly have the greatest accuracy. I get that you could make that 7 damage with a Tiger's Strength, but now we're talking 3 skills lining up together. What can I say, I think Snap isn't worthwhile. If you don't get those other 2 skills, snapping for 0 damage is pretty worthless.

With your pressures and stun potential with Dragon Slayers, I think you might enjoy throwing some Psycho Spears in more. Alternatively Hyper Ki Lance at a place like Panorama.

2 Backdraft Bullets and a Pursuit feels a bit much. Between these and the 2 snaps, you have 5 moves requiring other moves to even function.

Drop down to 2 Backdraft Bullets or 1 and a Pursuit. A trick you can do with Backdraft Bullet when knocking down someone in close range is to walk back a little and then jump and shoot. This can hit people a lot even at close range. If you have patience for it you could manual aim BBullet at short range too.

Things I might replace Snaps with, Rock Shot, Hyper Ki Bullet, Aura Backflow.

Shield/Dash numbers of only 2 are low for a jumper.

A bit rambly but I can try to focus more if you'd like.

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Postby baodeus » July 22nd, 2017, 2:11 am

Thanks for the great tip. I use to combo pressure with psycho spear and gravity before and they do work well together. I was just experimenting to see if I could link these lame skills together to see if they works (on paper). Though I didn't know the accuracy of sp is that bad and you are spot on about the need to link them together. I usually die before those skills ever show up together.

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Postby Bloody Initiate » July 26th, 2017, 7:17 pm

Adding to the above points, there's some "secrets" that if you don't know them, might help.

You're trying to build a deck that knocks people down and then hits them again, so:

Doing 5 or more ranged damage in a short span of time will knock people down.
Doing 3 or more melee damage in a short span of time will knock people down.
Psychokinesis and Power always knock a target down, even if they do zero damage.
Psycho Sniper always knocks people down (its range is wrong for your arsenal and most its skills, but you may be able to use this info in tag).

Therefore you do not necessarily need skills that "knock down opponent" to make your arsenal work. If you're hitting hard enough, they WILL go down. I have a similar arsenal to this one which uses Illusions of Death as its primary knockdown. Dance of Moths would work brilliantly too. You could just as comfortably use Fires of Gehenna, Psychokinesis, Psycho Spears, etc. Two Blazing Bullets spammed will knock someone down, as will a Tiger's Strength/Tranced Blazing Bullet/Demon's Fire/Will o' the Wisp. Some of these skills conflict with each other (Trance probably not a great lead-in for Blazing Bullets) but I'm just trying to show how many options you really have.

You just want to do 5 ranged damage or 3 melee damage to get your Pursuit/Backdraft Bullet/Gravity Press/Geyser Impact off. You should try to make sure your combo doesn't need more than 5-7 aura. Some options like Demon's Fire and Will o' the Wisp can use even less Aura because they're going to take long enough to hit your opponent you may have regenned the aura for your other skill.

Snap/Ki Bullet/Hyper Ki Bullet aren't bad skills, but you don't need them if you don't want to use them.

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Postby baodeus » July 28th, 2017, 12:12 am

I didn't know about the different damage requirement for long and short. Man there r so many secrets. I was trying to see if i can put good use to some low aura skills. I tried that trick with backdraft and it works well. Thanks for all the tip.

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