Cash Grinder

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Cash Grinder

Postby Collected Dust » April 18th, 2017, 2:05 am

3x Vacuum Slash
3x Blazing Sword
3x Mephisto's Pact
21 aura

Use on single death shot mission at Panorama over and over. Almost always has what you need at first spawn. Hit back button as needed at the start. Enemy is easy to walk up to and slash once. Always defenseless and only 5 life.
10-15 seconds to beat.
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Postby enderwiggin » April 18th, 2017, 8:24 am

Good idea!

I remember one time, long ago, I got the bright idea to buy out all the lower costing skills so that when I got junk packs it would all be more expensive skills.

... I now realize having x99 of each skill is utterly a waste of time. This option is way better and I can only hope that I get those online skills I was spoiled with for so long quicker than not.

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