C2: Monkey20051 / xXSilverSaintXx vs. II Mimic II / Mezrath

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C2: Monkey20051 / xXSilverSaintXx vs. II Mimic II / Mezrath

Postby Bondmonger » October 6th, 2017, 10:18 am

Big rematch from Swiss!!

Here is your tournament thread for double elimination, round 2.

II Mimic II / Mezrath must name their ban level first. The deadline is 11pm Sunday, October 15. Good luck!

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Postby WILD WEASEL » October 6th, 2017, 5:05 pm

How about Wednesday at 9pm est?

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Postby monkey20051 » October 11th, 2017, 10:55 pm

We played our match.

Ban Maps: Highway and Refinery

I can't remember which guy is which most of the matches due to their similar names, so sorry about that.

Palace: I happen to start with vicious balance and tell Silver not to use any aura since he's using bravery decision. So Mimic, Mezrath, and myself are at 0. They stay at 0 for a few capsule spawns. I have 1 aura, but stay like that for over half the match. I believe I ended the match only able to get back up to 3 aura. One of them gets 4 aura while the other one struggles like me. The one with 4 aura has tiger strength and fire of gehenna. I had the escalator spawn between them and kept using the escalator to not get hit. The other one is up to 2 or 3 aura and gets blazing bullet. As I start to take damage, Silver is at 7 skills and takes away blazing quickly and gets them off me long enough where I can get an angel's wing and 2 aura. I'm now dodging tiger strengthed venom fang and not very well. The other one gets reincarnation and keeps hitting me from behind. I finally get 3 aura and have willo. Silver has broken a few of their erase defenses so he only has a cluster bomb and Excalibur left. Everyone was at pretty low health except maybe Silver and we had all died multiple times except Silver as well. We were using the tree to hide a bit. I starting shooting willo at whichever one of them was on the ground with me and as they dodged it silver hit a cluster bomb that went behind him and his shield. The other one comes down form upstairs to get his partner. Takes Silver's cluster bomb with a flash hole, I shoot willo which he dodges. I decide to shoot reincarnation and lose it to try to stop the pickup since he had 4 health left. The reincarnation hits, stuns, and Silver finishes with an Excalibur as he's right next to his partner. We take Palace.

Panorama: Silver and I were trying a gimmick arsenal where I annoying gifted charged particle and boost mines. I got Silver to 10 before they came to stop us boost mining. Then I went searching for a level boost. I had a flash hole that I also gave Silver, but I was getting hit by one of them with a flame sword and ice sword. I try to mephisto's a angel's wing, but get interrupted and get a DTrick that was useless at this point of the match. They hang an opti and start with the richochet laser. Silver flash holes one and I get another. The swords are still hitting us though and reincarnation too. I die while giving Silver a couple level boosts. I spawn get a judgement that I have to use 4 times since they have an amulet on. Silver gets a few hits with his plus accuracy with charged particle. We had one of them dead a couple times and I started using charged particle to try and get the win before I had 10 aura and was able to use a level boost. So I became just a way to keep giving Silver charged particle when they erased it and flash holes for projectiles. They lay another opti which hurts us for awhile. I pick it up then somehow end up back downstairs inside the room. They kill me by the door and Silver gets chased around. One has angel's wing so they easily block charged particle and the other finally gets the kill on Silver.

City: Fuck this... Silver and I have the all the way across from each other spawns and we have boost mines and level berserks for each other. I can't cross because one of them has blazing bullet and the other has a tiger strengthed fire of gehenna. I never draw a defense and while I get a few hits in with a tiger strength and hyperkick, I'm dead quickly and Silver never even makes it halfway to my body. Ridiculously fast win by them.

Lane: I'm running Dance of Death and Silver has parabolas. Almost everyone had buffs of some sort but a return to nature and a later purify (both from them) gets rid of all the stats. One of them was at 2 aura with a purple at the beginning of the match so I was scared to use bravery decision and get rid of the rest of my aura so my DoD started slow due to that and having two DoDs at my spawn at the start. One of them with aura is using blazing on Silver and take about half his life. I finally come help and we take him below blazing. They had lots of swords, reincarnation and lightening blade. I had the 1 for 3 defense that erases short range and I don't think I ever took a sword somehow... We kill one in the streets, but the other had full health. He easily gets the pickup and then I keep fakign him out to get him to use his fortress. I end up keep getting a few lucky hits with DoD on top of the houses now, but the other one is always there for the pickup. They kill Silver and I a few time with the swords, but we get quick pickups too. Silver is using rock shot and I know something else but can't remember. We kill one around my spawn and his partner is far away. So I try and stay between him and the body with DoD. Silver got hit by a rock shot and died, but the one alive only had 1 health. I went for DoD right as he used flame sword and mine hit first. We win.

Sein: I start off with two friendships and Silver is running vibration and bundled blasters. He starts with 2 aura for awhile. I have a lot of aura because he level beserked me while I was at 5. I go to attack Mimic with lightening sword and flame sword and a stimulate on. I erase one defense, but he had an erase shell and got rid of my flame sword. I get a couple more hits with the lightening sword before Mezrath comes over with a blaster I believe. I go back while still waiting for Silver to be ready to attack. I got an ice sword and a dark hole while Mimic and Mezrath both get to vibration. Silver erases a vibration laser that's tiger strengthed and breaks his shield. I try to go in for close range some more, but Mezrath has a photon barrier and Mimic has reincarnation. I believe my dark hole breaks from a vibration blaster. I only have fortress and as Silver hits Mezrath with a bundled blaster to get both of them around 5/6 health, I end up falling off the map dodging something and return back to my spawn with 1 health. They hit me with an amaros watch as I'm in the air, but I land smoothly without losing health somehow. But for the rest of the match I could only do 1 damage with a lightening sword and willo. Tried digging for a purify a few times but never got it. Silver loses almost everything but one last vibration blaster. Again lost of deaths, but they both respawn with 5 health and Silver and I are at 1 and 2. They have long range laser so we're trying to stay medium but I get caught with a vibration blaster at the same time Silver eats a slide or twist laser. Mimic and Mezrath take Sein.

Really good matches again besides City. And with that Silver and I are out! Good luck everyone else!

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Postby Collected Dust » October 13th, 2017, 5:04 pm

Good run down.

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Postby WILD WEASEL » October 14th, 2017, 7:31 am

I agree monkey paints a great picture.
Maybe one day I will start to record our rounds, sorry for being lazy.

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