C6: RebornGaignun/MurderMastodon vs. iiXanxusii/iiZexxusii

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C6: RebornGaignun/MurderMastodon vs. iiXanxusii/iiZexxusii

Postby Bondmonger » December 18th, 2017, 10:43 pm

Results of the finals!!

Palace - Gaig and Zexxus get top spawns, with Tokyo underneath and Xanxus behind the tree. Both sides on nature/faith, four nearly identical builds: lots of Heat along with Will-o-wisp, Bullet of Fire, Flame Sword and Ice Sword. Decoy from both sides, though virtually all of the combat was melee range. Tight, back and forth game for two and a half minutes, but then Gaignun/Tokyo get control of the high ground and Xanx/Zexx make an unsuccessful push up one of the escalators which turns into a fucking bloodbath. Game is over 40 seconds later, Gaignun/Tokyo nearly at full health.

Panorama - Gaignun/Tokyo hang a Reduce Entropy 14 seconds in but neither team is affected. Everyone but Gaignun is on Reincarnation, Wall of Ice and Trance, game was extremely violent and fast. Giagnun's on an interesting build - running a curated aura build via Mist Blade and Swift Punch. But ultimately those skills don't hold up against Reincarnation and Xanxus Zexxus cruise to a fairly easy victory three and a half minutes in.

Refinery - similar loadouts as in Palace, but now Gaignun are running Rail Guns (apparently without Bravery Decision). Again, buffs, erase defenses, nature/faith attacks. Gaignun/Tokyo make good use of Frighten/Rock Shot. Close game, feels like it can go either way, but Gaignun/Tokyo do a good job isolating and focusing Zexxus. The pivotal play is a manual'd Rail Gun shot by Gaignun on Xanxus as he comes in for the corpse recovery. Game goes five and a half minutes.

Lane - see Refinery. Gaignun plays Lunar Force and everyone is on aggro Nature/Faith again. Zexxus gets wrecked right off the bat by double Wisps at his base, escaping with 6 health less than a minute in. The two teams reset and Gaig/Tokyo attempted to isolate him again, but this time Zexxus is ready to fight back and Xanxus comes in behind them, quickly evening the score. Wisps, Reincarnations, Arcs of Fire, Flame Swords and incrementing-cost swords from both teams, plus a tough Dazzle out of Zexxus and Frighten out of Tokyo. The game swings back and forth quite a bit, but Gaig/Tokyo are relentless in their focus on Zexxus, culminating in a spectacular series of defensive plays by Gaignun, 1v2 (starting at 28:28). Outcome is still in question to the very end, but Gaignun gets into another advantageous 1v2 (via Tokyo's Frightens) and closes the game out at the six minute mark.

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Postby WILD WEASEL » December 19th, 2017, 10:21 am

Congratulations guys, good job.

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