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Tournament Updates 2017

Postby Bregan123 » January 4th, 2018, 10:00 pm

With the start of 2018, we have 3 major announcements to make about the future of competitive Phantom Dust!

1. We are beginning this month with a “preseason” of casual league play. I will make a group chat that any players can elect to enter. Simply announce a league game, report the result, and it will be counted on a public running scoreboard. This will include tag and 1v1.

At the beginning of the tag tournament, these results will lead to seeding to the beginning of the swiss. We will cast as many recorded matches as possible, and suggest to record as many as possible or all of them!

2. We will be starting with a 6 month schedule for our tournaments this year.

January- Preseason
February- Tag swiss rounds
March- Tag elimination rounds
April- Preseason
May- 1v1 pod rounds
June- 1v1 elimination rounds

These elimination rounds will be single elimination. The swiss portion will be 4 rounds with a 1 week deadline. There will be 4 weeks for the pods to complete.

3. Signups for these tournaments will begin 2 weeks before the tournament start date. That means…

January 15-31 tag signup.
April 15-30 1v1 signup.
Bregan123 has a list if anyone needs to find a partner for tag. It is locked at the end of January, but feel free to experiment until then.

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