my decks

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my decks

Postby fal furyias » May 17th, 2005, 4:06 pm

a few peeps might remember me from mtg:bg and a few other live games, what's up :)

i had 16 decks built pre-1.20 update but my son erased my save file so i just started rebuilding my sets of ultra-rare skills but these are the builds i have been messing around with and i haven't felt the need to really make more but i have the 16 cases for practice decks and stuff

compressor deck
2school case:ki/optical:19/30
2x hyperkick
1x rapid cannon
1x blaster
1x photon wave
2x compressor
3x mind's eye
3x learning
3x eraser
2x tiger's strength
i like to beat people up with learning/erase combo combined with tiger str and mainly use compressor as a last ditch effort

nintendo thumb
2school case:nature/faith:18/30
2x flame sword
1x sonic boom
3x swarm of moths
2x fire of gehenna
1x venom fang
2x demon venom
1x wall of fire
1x angel wing
2x glacial wall
3x healing water
can easily kill with just gehenna and heals but between venom fang and venom it messes with people that just like to sit there and block all day

bravery deck
2school case:phsyco nature:18/30
2x excalibur
1x blazing sword
1x blazing bullet
1x cluster bomb
1x rail gun (i really don't like rail gun)
2x glacial wall
1x fortress of iron
1x turbulance
1x crush
1x shield breaker
3x healing water
3x bravery decision
i get to 5 aura and then just bravery like crazy and rummage thru my deck unless i start out with either of the blazing spells and a heal. options are good.

2mana deck
1school case:ki:22/30
3x hyper punch
2x empty hand
3x sky pursuit
3x ki lance
2x recollection
3x swift blow
2x swift punch
2x tiger's str
2x lightning speed
meh, everyone's seen this one

no aura deck
3school case:faith/nature/optical:30/30
3x scream of evil
3x lingering flame
3x agonies of death
3x greedy spirit
3x piece of ice
3x trance
3x mephisto's pact
3x rebirth
3x flash barrier
2x devil's arm
1x guardian angel
as of 1.20 update i had to replace 3x bloody ritual with 2x devil arm and 1x guardian angel but eh, i still works i guess. by far one of my favorite and most effective decks. i love telling people "i've got more skills than you"

discard deck
2school case:faith/ki:19/30
2x aura leak
2x muramasa blade
1x fire of gehenna
2x heat from void
1x flash hole
1x dark hole
2x angel wing
2x dragon slayer
3x lack
1x judge of ares
2x tiger's str
tigers str+anything else=pwnage :)

homing deck
2school case:phsyco/faith:18/30
1x phsyco blade
1x bomb
1x phsyco sniper
1x debris bullet
1x rock shot
1x demons fire
2x vampire bats
1x demon venom
1x reverse
2x physcic wall
2x dopplenganger
2x aquisition
1x trance
1x armoro's watch
i like to throw demon's venom out and then follow it right up with a rockshot/bomb against people that like to block alot, 1 of them always gets through.

stasis deck
3school case:nature/optical/ki:19/30
1x flame sword
3x gungnir
1x sonic boom
1x bullet of fire
2x ki palm
3x flash barrier
3x heat
3x tiger's str
2x fatigue
idea is to drop the fatigue somewhere it won't get picked up again and now everyone has to stop to regen mana unless you have heat's on. even with 1 heat on and a flash barrier, gungnir/palm, tiger's str, X i will go ape shit spamming free spells for 15 seconds and then stand to regen 2 aura for tiger's str again. i hardly lose with this build and really love how fast it works. gungnir = pwnage

memory of battle
3school case:phsyco/nature/ki:19/30
1x excalibur
3x empty hand
3x hyper punch
2x sky pursuit
3x scars of battle
2x memory of battle
1x phsycic wall
1x wall of fire
1x reverse
1x turbulance
1x crush
i got beaten pretty badly by some japanese guy with a build similiar to this so i decided to make my memory battle deck closer to this style for added speed. hyper punch, empty hand, and sky pursuit all at your skills just to rummage through your deck really fast and then just go on the offensive with MoB and excalibur + a shield.

2school case:nature/optical:18/30
2x ice sword
1x flame sword
1x slide laser
1x ice lance
1x bullet of fire
1x blazing bullet
1x storm blade
3x glacial wall
2x optical camo
1x recall
2x relearn
2x optimization
with the 1.20 update i'm thinking about taking optimization out but yep, if i get one ice sword off i can keep my opponent frozen almost the entire match, optical camo/relearn help to get back in the groove if i fall off.

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Postby MonkeyMagic808 » May 19th, 2005, 1:47 pm

the bravery decision should be strickly psycho in my opinion bravery decision is about geting cheap powerful moves out fast, i use
3x bravery decision
2x excalibur
2xcluster bomb / rail gun
1x reverse (for cluster bomb)
3x aquisition(for cliuster bomb)/ 2x dazzle( for rail gun)

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Postby Falibu » May 19th, 2017, 4:43 pm

looking back, so glad i decided to list these out :bang: :banana:

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Postby Bregan123 » May 19th, 2017, 5:25 pm

You have a 2 cost arsenal with no viciioius balance :err:

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Postby Falibu » May 19th, 2017, 6:29 pm

I don't believe vb fits in that 1 school case

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Postby enderwiggin » May 19th, 2017, 7:40 pm

Fwiw, there's another I don't see listed here.

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Postby Falibu » May 19th, 2017, 9:59 pm

thank you very much! i was actually looking for a reference to that one and couldn't find it

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Postby Bregan123 » May 19th, 2017, 11:36 pm

My implication is if your schtick is 2 cost, then the aura recovery isn't something to worry about. 2 school it and put the Vicious Balance in, makes it much more effective imo.

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Postby Falibu » May 20th, 2017, 10:15 am

yes i'm aware of how VB works, but it's pretty apparent that the build was centered around the aura recovery of having a 1 school deck to combo skills together rather than keeping my own level low :)

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