Phantom Dust Attack Skill Types

Attack–Cost X – A skill with the Cost equal to X means the amount of damage changes depending on how long its assigned button is pressed. An example of such a skill is Ki Cannon (of the Ki school). Although these skills can be used for the duration of the battle, it can take a long time to charge up the attacks. If this drawback can be compensated in some other way, such a skill can be made very effective.

Attack–STR X – There are many skills with an attack of strength of X (STR = X). To use these skills effectively one must have a deep understanding and plenty of practice in battle. Some of these skills will change their STR depending on the status of the opponent. These skills can be used to reverse an advantage created by the opponent.

Phantom Dust Attack SkillClose-Range Attacks – Skills with Short as their range are close-proximity skills. Psycho Knife (of the Psycho school) is such an example. When using these types of skills your attack will home in on your opponent. Regardless of the target, these skills are effective against anything that is within range. That is why it is essential to make sure your partner is not within range when using these skills.

Phantom Dust Bullet of FireShell Type – Shell-type skills are the most basic of Attack skills. They are medium- or long-range attacks that lack a notation that identifies them. (e.g. [Arc]) Bullet of Fire (of the Nature school) represents a basic Shell-type skill that has a straight trajectory and is easy to follow. Although it is easy to hit a target with a Shell-type skill due to its straight trajectory, it is also easily avoided because opponents can usually determine where it will land and either dodge it or use a Defensive skill against it.

Phantom Dust Explosion SkillExplosion Type – Explosion-type skills, such as Photon Wave and Photon Burst (both of the Optical school), explode in a sphere around the attacker causing any enemies within the sphere (aside from the attacker) to incur damage. This type of skill is most effective when you are surrounded by many enemies in close proximity. Tip: Try paralyzing an opponent by defending with Paralyze Barrier (of the Optical school), run up next to them, and then detonate an Explosion-type skill.

Phantom Dust Mine SkillMine Type – A [Mine]-type skill of attack is different from the other Attack skills. Sensor Mine (of the Psycho school) is an example of a Mine type skill. Because these skills require being “set” (a mine is placed at the location), they aren’t immediately launched. The affected areas, although difficult to see, are indeed visible. One good strategy is to set these mines near a target’s spawn location or at the entrance to yours. Erasing or overwriting these skills before the mine detonates will erase the set mine. A mine can be destroyed by attacking the area where it was set.

Phantom Dust Ark SkillArc Type – An example of an [Arc]-type skill is the Laser (of the Optical school), which has a counterclockwise arc like trajectory. Because the attack doesn’t have a straight trajectory and bends it can be used in place of Shell attacks in situations where the target is not in the line of sight. Because the trajectory is arc like, it allows you to hide while still inflicting damage on the target. Due to its trajectory it’s difficult more to use. It is especially difficult to hit your opponent if there are obstacles between you and them. Opponents will often hide behind a pillar or chuck of debris to avoid the attack.

Phantom Dust Parabola SkillParabola Type – [Parabola]-type skills have a trajectory that follows a parabola (an arch), and their attacks are especially effective when a wall or height differential exists between the attacker and the target. They may appear to lack in homing capability, but most are quite effective. Tip: Try using Parabola skills from the ground floor to hit an opponent on a second story. Because of their upward arch Parabola skills are not very useful indoors. If used indoors the skill often inflicts damage to the attacker when it explodes as it hits the ceiling above them.

Phantom Dus Fall SkillFall Type – [Fall]-type skills, such as Meteor (of the Psycho school) or Demon’s Venom (of the Faith school), drop from overhead onto the target. During battle, these skills are most effective when the target is at a higher elevation and is not with in sight. Because they fall from above they are harder to see and therefore defend against.

Phantom Dust Crawl SkillCrawl Type – When launched [Crawl]-type skills, such as Root of Tree (of the Nature school), cause the shell to crawl along the ground to its target. If an object is in its path or if no ground is beneath it, this skill type becomes ineffective–for example, in the case of the target being in the air. One benefit of this skill is that it is difficult to see the shell crawling along the ground, making it difficult for the target to detect its presence. Some Crawl skills have excellent homing capabilities, even circling an opponent as he tries jumping to avoid the attack.

Phantom Dust Object SkillObject Type – Skills that have the notation [Object], such as Psycho Kinesis (of the Psycho school) have the same trajectory as Shell types, but they use surrounding objects as the shell. This makes it difficult for an opponent to predict which object will be used and the direction in which it will be flying at him from. The amount of damage inflicted depends on the object used. A cardboard box may do 2 damage where a table may do 5. The amount of damage will always be equal to or greater than the Cost to use the skill. Evaluating the battle situation prior to using these type of skills is critical, because not having objects around will make this skill useless.

Phantom Dust Move SkillMove Type – [Move]-type skills of attack (found only in the Nature school) have a very powerful knock-down effect. They have the same effect as the Crawl types; moving along the ground to the target unless there are objects in their way or there is no ground on their path to the target. Tornado [Move]-type attacks aren’t severe, but when they reach the target they are blown off the ground and then slammed back down, resulting in significant damage. To protect yourself against Tornado [Move]-type attacks, dodge them or use a Shelter-type defense skill.

Phantom Dust Hole SkillHole Type – When launched, [Hole]-type skills, such as Tremor (of the Nature school), show the area they will affect and then appear suddenly at the target’s feet, either causing damage or affecting the target in the described way. The effects of Hole types are strong but easy to avoid. Once their timing is mastered, one should use these types in combination with other skills or use them consecutively to make life difficult for the opponent.

Phantom Dust Rain SkillRain Type – [Rain]-type skills of attack assault the enemy over a duration instead of a single assault. The area that will be affected by this attack is shown for an instant, and then the attack commences. If objects are above the target, these skills typically won’t affect the target. Also, these attacks can be avoided by moving and counterattacking, but the only Defense skills that are successful against Rain types are Shelter types. Rain types are especially effective against opponents in a confined space or those ill prepared for such an attack. Tip: Take cover if being attacked by a [Rain]-type attack or run out of the way. Beware of Lucifer’s Arrow (of the Faith school) its Rain penetrates obstacles.


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