Phantom Dust Defense Skill Types

Anti-Pierce – Defense skills that prevent the additional damage from Attack skills that have a Pierce effect. These skills have the notation Anti-Pierce. In most cases an Attack skill with a Piece effect and a STR of 8 against a Defense skill with a DEF of 2 will break the Defense skill and add damage the defender 6 Health. When a Defense skill has Anti-Pierce the Defense skill will be taken but the additional damage will not occur to the player.

Phantom Dust Barrier SkillBarrier Type – The most basic Defense skills are the [Barrier]-types. The effects of these skills can be seen in front of the Esper as they intercept attacks. Because they don’t provide full body coverage they are not the most secure of defenses. They leave the back unprotected if being attacked from multiple angles at once. In such cases, it is essential to determine the direction from which the attack is coming to use Barrier types most effectively. Tip: Lock onto the opponent and defend with the Barrier when being attacked.


Phantom Dust Reflect SkillReflect Type – [Reflect]-type skills of defense (found only in the Optical school) are similar to the Barrier types. This Defense type has a special quality. Attacks that are successfully defended will be reflected back to the attacker as long as the Attack strength of the attack is not more powerful than the Defense. This type of defense skill is only useful against projectile (Shell, Arc, and Parabola) type attacks.



Phantom Dust Shelter SkillShelter Type – [Shelter]-type defense skills provide 360 degrees of protection against most attacks. Shelter types are by far the most effective of the Defense skills, but because their Cost is high these skill types should be used conservatively.




Phantom Dust Absorb SkillAbsorb Type – [Absorb]-type defense skills are similar to Barrier types, in that protection lies only in front of the Esper. However, they are ineffective against close-proximity attacks. An additional benefit of [Absorb]-type skills is that the amount of damage inflicted on the target is converted to the defending Esper’s health or Aura. Some destroy the skill used against it and others will learn the skill used against it.



Phantom Dust Brush SkillBrush Type – [Brush]-type skills are similar to Barrier types in that they protect against attack from the front of the Esper. When Brush types are effectively used as defense against close-proximity attacks they will, for an instant, paralyze the opponent. Another difference is that when they successfully “brush” projectile attacks, anything in the way of the brushed shell will be destroyed.



Phantom Dust Course SkillCourse Type – [Course]-type defense skills protect the Esper by changing the trajectory of a blocked attack. Course types are most effective against projectile type attacks and are ineffective against close-proximity and [Rain]-type attacks. Unlike Barrier types, Course types do not have a DEF rating. They are strong and effective against any attack, with the exception of those noted above. Reverse and About Face (of the Psycho school) have the additional effect of reversing the projectile back to the original attacker.



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