Phantom Dust Update #2 Details

By | June 26, 2017

From Adam Isgreen (Creative Director, Microsoft Studios Publishing)

Hello everyone! We’re all ready to go on the 2nd update for Phantom Dust, and on behalf of Microsoft and Code Mystics, we’d just like to say thank you to the over one million players out there that have checked the game out – this blows away the original numbers of players the game had when first released, and we couldn’t be happier with the level of exposure that it has received.

What’s new in Update #2 –

Expansion skills are now available!

Phantom Dust had two updates post-launch that added a total of 74 new skills, across all 5 schools. These skills are rather crazy and powerful, and originally the only way to earn them was to earn one random skill every 30 multiplayer games played. There was no weighting based on what you owned already – it was completely random – leading some players to never be able to earn all the additional skills no matter how many games they played.

We’ve said before that we’re going to give players other ways to obtain these skills, the main way is through a daily skill reward system we’ve added to the game. All you have to do is sign in to one of your save profiles in the game (going to the LIVE menu will also trigger it), and you’re rewarded with a free specific skill for that day. There’s also a bonus skill you can earn every week if you play at least 4 days in each week. You’ll see a pop-up telling you what you earned and how many more days you need to play to earn the bonus skill.

Since there’s 74 skills to give out, one a day, it will take ~11 weeks to get all the skills for free. Each week focuses on a specific school, with a final week handing out the skills that were in the bonus category originally. What is given out on each specific day? Play and find out!

Once we’ve cycled through all the skills, the set will repeat, so if you missed one earlier, you will always have a change to get it again when it comes around. Don’t forget you can also trade someone for them!

Of course, we’ve not taken out the original way to earn the expansion skills, so you’ll also earn a random skill every 30 games played.

If you’re impatient and don’t want to wait to get them for free, an expansion skill pack will also be available for $4.99 USD which gives you 3 copies of all 74 of the skills immediately.

In-game voice chat

In-game chat was a great part of the original game, and we’re very happy that it’s back. Be sure to be a good sport with your opponents, win or lose! This is a big opportunity for experienced players to help new players get into the nuances of Phantom Dust in a positive way, so lead by example and give tips and share strategies – grow the community!

NPC mission guide

Finding who you need to talk to in the campaign to get your next mission can sometimes be an act of frustration. The game doesn’t globally track who has the next mission (otherwise we could try to do something with the map display to tell you where to go), so we’ve done what we could and added an option to the pause menu that will open a web page with a complete list of who you should talk to at any point in the game to get your next mission.

Other changes and fixes:

Beyond the big changes, we’ve refined some behavior and fixed issues we’ve found, or the community has raised.

  • Optimized performance options
  • Updated Quick Match behavior to handle full lobbies more gracefully
  • Resolved screen orientation issue that was present on some devices
  • Fixed a bug on PC where title performance would dip on some systems when the VSync toggle option is set to off
  • Fixed a bug where the active user can be changed without returning to the Phantom Dust title screen after a prompted sign in following a sign out from the main menu
  • Fixed a bug where the cursor navigation inputs remain permanently active when a gamepad is disconnected while a cursor navigation input is held

Known issue:

We have one lingering known issue regarding controller disconnection and chat. We’re working on a fix for this, but it’s easily worked around in the meantime.

  • Disconnection of an active Xbox One chat device or powering down a controller with an Xbox chat device plugged into it while voice chat is active causes to the system to stop taking controller input
    • Workaround: Avoid this by not disconnecting a chat device from the controller or Xbox during voice chat sessions or turning off or allowing the controller to lose power during voice chat sessions

If you’re chatting and playing wirelessly, make sure your batteries aren’t close to running out!

Keep fighting, Espers!