Phantom Dust Erase, Status and Special Skill Types

Erase Skill Types

The most common effect of the Erase type skill is to erase the skills of the opponent. Because most Erase types are single-use skills, try to use them when they cannot be defended against. Note that erasing the opponent’s skill does not always lead to victory.

Phantom Dust Erase–Capsule SkillErase–Capsule – Among the Erase skills, those that erase capsules may appear to be useless at first. Erasing the capsule might not immediately affect your opponent, but repeating this process will take away your opponent’s skills, making them powerless. If you erase all of their capsules their Health will slowly decrease to 0.

Phantom Dust Erase--Level SkillErase–Level – Erasing the opponent’s skills is not the only way to siphon your opponent’s power. Another effective strategy is to erase or reduce your opponent’s Level. By taking away their Level, even if they have attack or defensive skills, they will not be able to use them. They may be able to recover their Level, but until then they will be at a great disadvantage.

Phantom Dust Erase--Status SkillErase–Status – There may be times when an opponent will use a Status skill that decreases your attack ability, making it difficult to continue battle. When this occurs, one way to deal with the situation is to reset your (or everyone’s) status using an Erase skill. In most cases, the skill is often forgotten, but it is essential to have it close at hand.

Phantom Dust Erase--Environmental SkillErase–Environmental – Environmental crystals can be captured in the same way regular capsules are captured, but they cannot be captured until 15 seconds have passed since the Environment skill was set. During this time, or if the crystal is hidden in an undisclosed location, the only way to counter this is to use a skill that erases the Environment skill.

Status Skill Types

Phantom Dust Status--Strengthen SkillStatus–Strengthen – The most basic of the Status skills are those that raise your basic attributes. For example, Heat (of the Nature school) increases the damage of your attacks by 1. With multiple uses it can be easily raise your attack damage by +3. It’s possible to raise the base attack strength for weaker attack skill by using Status skills.

Phantom Dust Status--Weaken SkillStatus–Weaken – Some Status skills reduce basic attributes. It’s best to evaluate the effectiveness of incorporating such skills into battle because the results of lower basic attributes can have a more significant effect than raising them. Such skills are usually used on opponents, but one strategy is to use them on your partner lower their attributes and then using a Status reverse skill.

Phantom Dust Status--Immobilize SkillStatus–Immobilize – Within Status skills, there are unique skills that prevent the target’s movement or sets the lock-on of the target to yourself. These skills are not that exciting by themselves, but by combining them with other skills and depending on how they are used in battle, the effect can be astounding. Not fully appreciating these skills can cost you.


Special Skill Types

Phantom Dust Special--Movement SkillSpecial–Movement – Some Special skills can change your location in an instant. This opportunity allows you to launch a surprise attack against your opponent. Such special movement skills not only change your position but can also be used to dodge attacks.

Phantom Dust Special--Restore SkillSpecial–Restore – Within the Special skills, some skills will restore Health or raise Level. This doesn’t directly damage the opponent, but it inflicts psychological damage because the opponent can’t battle as previously planned.

Phantom Dust Special--Controls SkillSpecial–Controls – Some Special skill change the opponent’s button presses, making it impossible for your enemy to use his or her controller. Although only effective for a short period of time, the results are tremendous, because your opponent can’t make split-second decisions or move as desired.

Phantom Dust Special--Capture SkillSpecial–Capture – Within the Special skills, there are skills that alter how to capture, such as changing the ability to capture or changing the location of the spawn location. At first glance, these skills appear to be of minor importance, but learning to use them strategically can make a huge difference in a battle’s outcome. Relearn (of the Optical school), is a skill that revives the last skill consumed (removed from battle) and returns it to your arsenal. By using this skill in an arsenal skills that can be used a maximum of 3 times can be reused multiple times due to its effect.


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