Phantom Dust Skill List and Update Details

The Complete Phantom Dust Skill List:

Skill Update 1.40 Details (Re-release)

(Updated June 28, 2017) Skill update 1.40 added skills 301-374. See Update #2 for details.

Skill Update 1.33 Details (Re-release)

(Updated May 25, 2017) Skill update 1.33 updated the “Miner Shatter” Quick Battle arsenal, their current builds can be found here.

Skill Update 1.32 Details (Re-release)

(Updated May 17, 2017) Skill Update 1.32 has removed skills 301-374. Microsoft would like new¬†players to get familiar with the 300 skills the game originally launched with before releasing some of the meta-changing “Xbox Live Rare Skills”.